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Stunning Charm And Panoramic Beauty Of Leh Calling You

Leh is a very beautiful cold desert of India. It is located on Jammu & Kashmir. Leh is the “paradise on earth”. Giant snow covered White Mountains, dazzling light of sun, clear bright blue sky, far flung peaceful nature, clear reflection in deep beautiful lakes, picturesque landscapes; innocent and simple people are the charm of Leh. Leh is not only famous for natural beauty , it is widely known as sacred Buddha monasteries.

In Leh(Ladakh),there are lots of beautiful things which can keep your gaze and bring you in the world of natural beauty. You will be compelled to continuous view of Leh without blinking of eyes; dazzling charm of Leh gives you a wonderful, magical and unforgettable experience.

                           Panoramic Views Of Leh Valley

Snow Covered Mountains
Beauty Of Snow
Bird Eye View Of Leh Valley

Beautiful And Peaceful Lake 
 There are lots of beautiful visiting places and activities, which makes Leh tour more wonderful. Nubra valley, Pangong lake, Tso Moriri lake, Magnetic hills, Shanti Stupa, diskit Gompa, Hemis Monastery, Shey monastery and ancient museums are the jewels of Leh for visitors.Leh is also Known as Land of divine Buddha Monasteries.

Buddha In Leh Temples

Shanti Stupa
Buddha In A Temple
Hemis Gompa

Different Types Of Prayer Wheels In Leh

Monasteries In Leh

Gate Of A Monastery

An Ancient Palace
Sculpture Inside The Monastery

Colorful Balcony Of Monastary

Design  On Walls

Shopping At Leh

Antiques In A Shop

Local Street Shop Keeper
Leh is also preferable for adventurous tours. Many adventure lovers comes every year here for mountain climbing, trekking, cycling, motor biking, kayaking and ice skiing.It is the best place for

Ready For Bike Safari
Except these,there are many other things for enjoy in Leh like there are big scope for shopping. Leh market is full with traditional ,local things of  leh like as beautiful Pashmina shawls,magical prayer wheels,Buddhist relics and many more.

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Enlightening Trip of Lord Buddha in India-Most Blessed Buddhist Termini

Lord Buddha was born and brought up in Lumbini and Kapilvastu both are positioned in Nepal. Buddha got illumination in Bodhgaya, which is situated in India .Lord orated his first sermon in Sarnath, which is also cited in India. Out of four most sacrosanct places of Buddhism , specifically Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar, three are in India, making it the eventual prevalent Buddhist terminus in the world.

Buddha Statue At  Bodhgaya
The four the most blessed Buddhist termini includes Lumbini (Buddha's birthplace), Bodhgaya (where Buddha got illumination), Sarnath (where Buddha delivered his first oration) and Kushinagar (where Lord Buddha breathes his last breath). The destinations you can cover on your Buddhist Expeditions places  of India include Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Shravasti, Sankasya, Vaishali, Rajgir and Kushinagar.

Statue Of The Buddha At Lumbini
Lumbini: The native land of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is one of the most consecrated and important Buddhists pilgrimage starting points located near the Nepal-India border. The tourist fascinations of Lumbini are the Sacred Garden, Maya Devi Temple, Puskani Pond, Ashokan Pillar, Buddha Temple and the Lumbini Museum. Lumbini is also enumerated in the World Heritage Sites.

Buddha's Birth Place Ruins In Maya Devi Temple
Stupes In Sarnath
Sarnath is one of the four the most sacrosanct Buddhist excursion center. Buddha stayed in Sarnath soon after he attained illumination in Bodhgaya and distributed his first discourse or Maha Dharma Chakra Pravartan at the Deer Park in Sarnath. It was here that Buddha imparted the key facets of Buddhism: the four noble truths, the eightfold track and the middle way viewpoint to his followers.

Mahabodhi Temple In Bodhgaya
Bodhgaya: Positioned close to the river Niranjana, Bodhgaya is the holiest excursion center for Buddhists from all over the world. It was Bodhgaya where Lord Buddha accomplished illumination under the Bodhi tree after years of search for the veracity and awareness. 

Braches Of Mahabodhi Tree
The tourist fascinations of Bodhgaya are the Mahabodhi Temple, Mahabodhi Tree, Shakyamuni Buddha, Niranjana River, Vajrasana, Ancient Railing, Lotus Tank, Chankaramana, Animeshlochana, Ratnagar and Sujata Village. The Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhgaya is registered in the World Legacy Site.It is known as enlightening place of  Lord Buddha.

Buddha Temple At Kushinagar
Laying Buddha Statue At Kushinagar
Positioned at a distance of roughly 50 km from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar is the place where Buddha breathed his last breath at the age of 80 after conquering the ceremonial of Mahaparinirvana (Permanent Bliss).

Ashokan Elephant Pillar In Sankasya
Sankasya is sited at about 47 km from Farrukhabad town in Uttar Pradesh India. It is alleged that in Sankasya, Buddha derived from Tushita Heaven along with Brahma and Devraj Indra after giving discourses to his mother in heaven. It is believed that Buddha went to Tushita Heaven to preach Dharma to his mother. The major fascinations at Sankasya are a temple with the Statue of Buddha, Ashokan Elephant Pillar and Bisari Devi temple.

Ruins Of Nalanda;

Ruins Of Buddhist Temple At Nalanda
Lord Buddha stayed at Nalanda several times during his lifespan. Positioned at about 70 km from Patna, Nalanda is renowned for its primeval monastic university, the Nalanda University, most important prehistoric seat of Buddhist learning. This university played a substantial role in the advancement of Buddhism in India.

Budda Stup And  Lion Pillar At Vaishali
Lord Buddha stayed Vaishali recurrently and discoursed his last oration at Kolhua, a small village located close to Vaishali. To memorialize the event, Emperor Ashoka instituted one of his prominent lion pillars in Vaishali in the 3rd century BC. The antique capital of famous Mauryan Empire, Vaishali is at a space of about 55 km from Patna, the capital of the state of Bihar.

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A Deep Overview Of Trekking Destinations for Trekking Lovers

Himalaya Beauty
Indian Himalayan range is rich with beauty of high mountains and nature. High altitude, snow,deep meadows, mysteries of Himalayas and mountains always fascinate the adventures people.Giant Himalaya covers the ten states of India. These are Jammu & Kashmir,Himachal Pradesh,Uttarakhand,Sikkim,Arunachal Pradesh ,Meghalaya,Nagaland ,Manipur,Mizoram and Tripura.Some part of Himalayan range like Uttarakhand,Leh Ladakh, Himanchal Pradesh are the main attraction or more preferable choice for the trekking tour.

Trekkers In Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand is also known as the place of god due to its divine beauty and the large number of temple. Beauty of Uttarakhand can explore on the varios trekking points. Uttarakhand is rich with two amusable region –Garhwal and kumaon .Both district are full with enthralling, beautiful and breathtaking trekking destinations of Uttrakhand.

Milam Glacier

Scrumptious trekking points of kumaon are Pindari Glacier Trek, Panchulli Glacier Trek, Milam Glacier Trek, Binsar Trek and etc.

Valley Of Flowers In Uttarakhand

Morning Bliss In Har Ki Doon

Garhwal Region is also full with highly adventures and extremely beautiful trek points, some are Chopta – Tungnath, Valley of Flowers, Harkidoon Trek,Kedarnath Pawalikantha, Panch Kedar Trek and Dayara Bugyal Trek.

Zanskar Region Of Ladakh
Leh  Ladakh  lies between the Karakoram mountain range to the Himalayas to the south. It is the land of high pass, white glittering mountains and magical blue lakes. Trekking in Ladakh region offers a different experience with its stunning scenic beauty. 

The Nubra valley In Ladakh
Ladakh is full with nomands, fresh water springs, wildlife and fresh water lakes. Ladakh trekking offer a zealous adventure with a wide range of  trekking trails like Markha Valley Trek,Apricot valley Trek,Padum to Lamayuru Trek,The Nubra valley Trek,Sham &Indus valley Trek,Hemis to Tsomoriri Trek, Likir to Temisgam,zanskar region ,Kargil region and many more.

Hampta Pass
Pin Parvati In Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh widely known as Dev Bhoomi -the Land of Gods is a place of enormous natural beauty and divine calm.Himachal Pradesh is a very beautiful area of the Indian Himalayas; this region is full with dense beauty of mountains, snow, amazing valleys and hill temple architecture, Himachal Pradesh is full with amazing trekking area, Some are Pin Parvati, Triund Glacier, Chandratal Trek, Kinnaur Kailash Circuit,Sar Pass,Chanderkhani,Hampta Pass and Bhabha Pass Trek.


Trekking tour is full with adventure and also a way to meet with incredible beauty of nature. Alone, beautiful, stunning , white snow covered treks present a different heavenly life which is more far away from this crowded and artificial life. So just get ready to see the amazing world of beauty by your trekking tour.

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