Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Catch the Greatest Religious Meet at “Maha Kumbh Mela”

Take a turn to Allahabad city if you are visiting India in the coming month, January 2013 to watch the meet of 30 to 70 millions of Hindu devotees on the bank of the holy Sangam. It is nothing else the great Maha Kumbh Mela. This is one of the most auspicious festivals of religious people, which is going to be organized in Allahabad after a long wait of 12 years.

The major event of the festival is ritual bathing, which takes place on the major bathing Ghats on the bank of river Ganga and Yamuna. During this gorgeous festival several activities are performed like religious discussions, mass feeding of people, devotional singing, etc. where you can also take part and listen to their religious speeches. Don't get afraid seeing undress and ash coated people in the festival as they do this according to the ancient tradition. To enjoy this unite bath many national and international tourist cavort in the river. The main ritual during this festival is Aarti, which is performed on the bank of the river lighten up diyas and afloat it on the water making a wish. Really, this Maha Aarti play is totally incredible.

If you seek internal peace you can book yoga ashrams in the town and join the Yoga and Ayurveda programs. During this festival you can Explore Kumbh Mela Attractions and also watch the wonderful stay of pilgrims at various ashrams and dharmashala. It will be an excellent opportunity for the people who want to know the Indian tradition at their best.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SC Lifted on the Band on Tourism in Core Areas of Tiger Reserves

Tour operators found a great relief after hearing the announcement of Supreme Court; the band on tourism in the restricted areas of tiger reserve is lifted on. 

In July, Supreme Court had banned 41 tiger reserves in the country as the rapid growing number of tourist towards the reserve forest was affecting the habitat of endangered animal tiger and many other species. The ban was imposed, after states found themselves unable to protect the habitat of the tigers. 

But after several hot discussions among the various state governments court accepts their request and lifts on the ban on October 16. They argued that it was directly hurting the economic growth of many states and the month of October is the season from when tourist move towards the forest to experience the wildlife closely.
Under pressure from various state governments, the Centre had moved towards the top court for lifting the ban partially.
Now, the adventure enthusiasts as well as tourists can easily get access inside all the desired tiger reserves. Chose one of your interested reserve forest for tiger safari by getting cheapest wildlife tour package from the Indian travel agents.

Erco Travels Announces Special Offers on Golden Triangle with Pushkar Fair

“Erco Travels”, India’s leading travel agency has just announced special offer on Golden Triangle with Pushkar fair. This offer is only for those people who want to mingle their Golden triangle tour with Pushkar fair. Travel enthusiasts can also avail this combine tour package at cost effective price if they wish to book this wonderful trip in advance. This exclusive offer is not only for an individual couples, family, student and corporate group can also take the benefit of this tour. 

We understand your needs and expectations during your tour. This travel package includes sightseeing of all major attractions of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar; finest accommodation and a tour guide. You can make your tour duration shorter and longer according to your fondness. It will be the most convenient way to get close to the unseen parts of the northern region. When there is such a huge event taking place it makes more sense than ever. As the crowd become increases at the time of Pushkar fair, therefore, it is advisable to book the tour earlier. If you don’t want to unite the tour, you can also enjoy the tour separately. 

Managing Director, Mr. Ravi Gusai also said that, to book this combine tour interested people must have to contact Erco Travels Pvt. Ltd. where experienced executive will solve your queries regarding the tour and help to book the tour. To start the journey first of all you have to arrive in Delhi, from there, Erco Travels (Travel Company) representative will assist you and will help you to experience an easy and comfortable trip. 

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Swiss Camp: The Better Option to Enjoy Pushkar Fair in its Fullest Length

Pushkar Fair, the most gorgeous festival of Rajasthan is held in the town Pushkar every year and lasts for five days. This festival is recognized as the world’s largest camel fair and therefore tourist arrive at this place to participate and to enjoy the fair at its best. During this fair you can enjoy dance and music show, experience some thrilling activity, bridle competition and many more. As the festival is organized in the desert city therefore you will experience the scarcity of drinking water and accommodation problem in the place. In such case Swiss Camp plays a crucial role and provides warm hospitality to you amidst the desert landscape.

Swiss Camp is a tented house that is constructed to make available all the necessary and luxurious equipments during your Pushkar Fair Tour. These deluxe tented camps are built at a distance of 2 km from the fair ground and constructed with attached bathroom, western toilets, running water and 24x7 electricity and all modern amenities. Here, you can taste delicious Rajasthani cuisine and can spend the evening among the cultural activities.

Spending the days in the tented Swiss Camps during Pushkar Camel Fair will not be a great experience for you? To experience this unique treatment you have to book camps in advance from one of the leading travel agency in India, Erco Travels Pvt. Ltd. who will assist you and guide you to get the best Swiss camp cost effectively.

Monday, October 1, 2012

An Unforgettable Voyage of Kashmir Houseboat

Whenever the word “Kashmir houseboat Tour” spins in your mind what do you do, bury your imagination or put in wings to realize your dreams into reality? No one can explain the splendor of the landscape in a few words until and unless the site is not visited personally at least once. The physical existence in this divine place only can realize you why the land is called the “Switzerland of Asia”. The land has myriad number of attractions which are the dream places of most of the tourist to spend their holiday and amongst all of them Kashmir houseboat tour gets higher hit.

The wonderfully decorated houseboats of the capital city Srinagar connects the entire sections of Dal and Nagin Lakes, and Jhulem River which offers you an unique and luxurious treatment. Wishing to spend some time in the shopping market during the water tour, you can ride through the small boat named by ‘Shikaras’ that are attached to these boats. They always are in your service and take you to floating shopping market.  These floating house boats can experience you a world class accommodation where you can taste the delicious cuisines of Kashmiri, Western as well as Indian.

This unique and exciting tour you can only enjoy in the summer season from June to November and in winter December to February. Both adults and kids can enjoy this fine tour but for that both of you will be charged. To book a houseboat you can go to Dal or Nagin Lake and meet the owner of the boat. After booking you will check-in at the houseboat at 12.00 PM where you can stay whole the night and will leave the place at 10.00 AM in the morning.

A splendid holiday on the houseboats in Kashmir will surely be one of the most memorable vacations of your entire life.

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