Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SC Lifted on the Band on Tourism in Core Areas of Tiger Reserves

Tour operators found a great relief after hearing the announcement of Supreme Court; the band on tourism in the restricted areas of tiger reserve is lifted on. 

In July, Supreme Court had banned 41 tiger reserves in the country as the rapid growing number of tourist towards the reserve forest was affecting the habitat of endangered animal tiger and many other species. The ban was imposed, after states found themselves unable to protect the habitat of the tigers. 

But after several hot discussions among the various state governments court accepts their request and lifts on the ban on October 16. They argued that it was directly hurting the economic growth of many states and the month of October is the season from when tourist move towards the forest to experience the wildlife closely.
Under pressure from various state governments, the Centre had moved towards the top court for lifting the ban partially.
Now, the adventure enthusiasts as well as tourists can easily get access inside all the desired tiger reserves. Chose one of your interested reserve forest for tiger safari by getting cheapest wildlife tour package from the Indian travel agents.

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