Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Priceless Heritage of Orchha

Orchha is a small town, situated in the Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. It was the ancient capital city of the Bundela Kings. Many palaces and temples make this destination a popular tourist places in Madhya Pradesh. It is bordered by the beautiful Betwa River. It reflects the sumptuousness and the magnificence of the Bundelas. Being an artificial island, it lives up to its name. It is placed in the lustrous countryside and this pretty locale is bestowed with natural beauty and splendor.


With its stunning forts, regal palaces, carved temples and chhatris, it presents a matchless spectrum and is a delightful place for nature lovers. It is renowned for its world class paintings. The frescoes that placed on the walls of the beautiful temples and the royal palace of Orchha makes the viewer spellbound in its beauty.  A number of places are there that attract tourists:-

Jehangir Mahal Palace

The Jehangir Mahal Palace is located in Orchha and a must visit site. This palace was completed in 1598 by the Salem Prince of Mughal. It was mainly built as a garrison to counter the attack of the rebels Bundela Empire. It is basically popular for its wonderful architectural design. The dome of the palace was built according to Timurud customs. Numerous windows are available in the palace that passes natural air and a good source of light.  

Jehangir Mahal Palace

Raj Mahal

Raj Mahal temple is one of the most visited attractions of Orchha. It is the place which receives thousands of travelers from across the globe. The construction of the temple began in the 16th century by Rudra Pratap Singh. The Mahal was not completed by Rudra, so the completion is carried out by his successor Madhukar Shah.

Raj Mahal

Chaturbhuj Temple

Chaturbhuj temple is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is another popular attraction of the tourists. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is mostly worshipped in this place. The name of the temple simply reflects Lord Vishnu. The architecture of the temple is beautiful enough to dwell anyone into it.

Chaturbhuj Temple

Laxminarayan temple

This temple is one of the three major temples of Orchha and is most visited by the tourists. Its construction was started by Vir Singh Deo but later dilapidated and renovated by Prithvi Singh. It is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi though there is no ideal of the goddess inside the temple.

Laxminarayan Temple

Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh or garden is a beautiful place and an ideal picnic spot. It is located in Orchha state of Madhya Pradesh. This garden was built as a memorial for the prince of Orchha and remind his martyrs. It is surrounded by beautiful flowers and the rulers of the Orchha used it as a summer place. In this popular garden, there is a wonderful fountain that is known as Chandan Katora. 

Phool Bagh

Chhatries in Orchha

Chhatries in Orchha bears grandeur of the palace. These are the prominent attractions in Orchha. These are beautifully constructed and symbolize the immense contribution of the ruler of each dynasty of Bundelkhand. All the chhatries represent the enriched cultural heritage and traditional legacy. There are about 14 chhatries which were erected after the name of the royal dynasty of Bundelkhand to crown their success in the wars with the neighboring rulers. 

Chhaties in Orchha

Ram Raja Temple

This temple is popular as it bears the relics to the religious history and architectural ancestry of the archaic times. Initially, it was a huge palace of Madhukar Shah but later transformed into a temple. 

Ram Raja Temple

Many other attractions are there such as Rai Parveen Mahal, Orchha sanctuary, etc. that are most visited by tourists. Thus, the place is popular for its royal architectural grandeur. A large number of people from across the globe come to India to visit this place. visit:

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Switch to “One Tree Hill Point” after a fuss with your Better Half

Squabble is the part of life. Nobody left with this. It happened to you also within the past time with anyone, maybe it was with your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, sister, brother, father, mother or anybody else. It always stumbles when you are in a relationship with somebody. Whether it is a relation of daughter, son, or wife and husband. So, everybody is a part of this tiff whether he/she is in a relationship with another person or not. No matter if the fuss is with an unknown person. But, it hurts a lot when your beloved one or the better half screwed you on the half-baked points terribly. Oh! That really chopped you.

Neral to Matheran Hill Station by Toys Train

After indulging in fuss, stress is the next thing that knocks at your door. Many things are there to get rid of all this. But, sometimes one needs an irenic place where nobody vexed you. Instead of being a part of the depressed people forum, try to go ahead with your life and rejuvenate it while traveling to some reposing places. 

One Tree Hill Point

"One tree hill point” is one of the places that takes you far from all these squeezed things. It can be your choice to lose your temper perfectly. Being located in the hills of Matheran, Mumbai, visited by a large number of tourists. The name of the hill point clearly confesses you that a tree perched at the top of this huge hill which is a Jambhul tree. To reach the point, you have to hike through Shivaji’s ladder. Hiking up and climbing down from the hill to the valley is really a unique experience that draws you away from all those knick knacks that annoyed you in the day-to-day life. The place is a refreshing retreat from all the frenzied things.

Shivaji’s Ladder

View from "One Tree Hill Point"

Cool air, calm surroundings, glistening sunlight, peaky hills, eye feasting views, picturesque sightseeing, deep valley, etc. all merge together to make this destination one of the best ones. Besides this, palatable cuisines and further opportunities of exploring the surrounding areas make the trip more delightful. Also, it is the best place for writers and poets. Writing in the midst of the same location can be venturesome but really a right choice by them. Due to all these things, one can cite its glory as:-

“Sun shines over the hill,

People start running to the hill,

Sun goes down the hill,

People climb down the hill,

Moon turns over the hill,

And turns it into a rosewood hill”

 This place is adventurous enough for trek lovers. Trekking can be done to reach on the top of the hill. Walking on the foot is another good idea as it gives you a unique experience in the sense of passing through the forested paths. Another way to reach there is horse riding which is a thrilling experience as it passes through the gorges of the valley.

Trekking Route

A single visit to this point makes you feel as you are in heaven and reminds you of the trip again and again. Click all the breathtaking views and in the time of squabble, remind the lush green hills, cozy air, that beautiful Jambhul tree, trek experience, etc.. that gives you peace of mind and relaxes your body. It gives you the feel as you get back to that place where nobody even try to screw you. This really soothes your mind and take you away from the psychotic problems of life. So, make your life strain free by visiting this miraculous destination at least once in a lifetime.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Begins from New Delhi

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is the luxury train for tourists that began its first journey from Delhi. 26 passengers board the train on this maiden day. It is a great surprise for tourists who wish to travel in this train to reach their favorite destinations. It will run across the different  cities of different states of India, i.e.  Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur in Rajasthan, Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, Varanasi & Agra in Uttar Pradesh, before returning to the nation’s capital.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
Pramod Sharma, general manager of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC), said that the train is a milestone that is attained by RTDC and create its brand image in the global travel market in a record time. Travelers will surely enjoy the scenic beauties as it chug-a-lug through mountains, crosses rivers of north & central India and passes across the dunes that make the journey unforgettable.

The name of the train placed after the royal places it crosses during the journey like Hawa Mahal, Padmini Mahal, Kishore Mahal, etc.  It is categorized into deluxe as well as super deluxe saloons, cabins that are equipped with WI- FI internet, satellite television, channel music system and temperature controller.

The cost of per night tariffs is as follows: - $1,600 for super deluxe, $590 for deluxe twin sharing, $825 for deluxe single occupancy. The above said tariffs reduced to 50 per cent of total in the case of children between the age of 5 – 12 years and 10 percent of the total cost in case of kids below five years.  The train is scheduled to sway off from Delhi on every Sunday between October and April. The above price are subject to available and not committed.

To know more about this luxury train visit here: 

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kanhoji Angre Light House Enters Among the Mumbai’s Tourist Sites

Mumbai is the Bollywood city of India and is most visited by tourists throughout the year. It is the home of many billionaires and also known as the financial capital of India. Its diversity and vibrancy illustrate the city’s uniqueness and displays true images. This city forms one of the most heavily populated regions in Asia, i.e. around 20 million people. People from different religious communities reside there.

Night View of Mumbai

Gateway of India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

Being a biggest metropolitan city in India, several travel destinations of tourist interest are there like the Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Juhu beach, Marine drive, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Fashion street, Film City, Chowpatty, Victoria Garden, Hanging garden, Essel World, Great Escape, Nishiland water park, Iscon temple, Haji Ali’s mosque, Siddhi Vinayak temple, Santa Cruz, etc. Nightlife is also very active in Mumbai. Several pubs, discos and casinos are there that offers a vibrant nightlife. Due to all this, globe trotters move to this place to get fun and amusement over there.

Elephanta Caves

Another feature that adds up to the Mumbai is the Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse. It is located on Kanhoji Angre Island which is situated opposite the Thal fishing port near Alibaug. It becomes a new attraction for tourist. It was formally announced by the Union Tourism Minister K Chiranjeevi with the Minister of State for Shipping Milind Deora. Both the ministers announced a plan to develop around 15 lighthouses across the country as a place of tourist interest.

Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse, Mumbai

In the first phase of the plan, the Kanhoji Angre lighthouse near Mumbai, one located at Dolphin Nose Point in Visakhapatnam and the other one is located at the Mamallapuram near Chennai have been built as  a pilot project to attract the tourist in a large number. Of all the lighthouses, this is the only lighthouse that is located in the middle of the sea. 

Back side of Kanhoji Angre lighthouse

Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse includes viewing gallery, conservation of fort wall, tent style accommodation, construction of jetty and passenger terminal and electrification through solar power system. The need of making the lighthouse is to create new destination in an eco-friendly manner. A fort is also located there which was built by the Portuguese but later occupied by the Marathas.

Light House

Thus, the lighthouse seems to be a great tourist attraction in near future. In the next phases of the project, many other lighthouses will be built like the Mumbai, Chennai and Visakhapatnam lighthouses and creates a hub of it that covers the all heritage sites of India to preserve the interest of people in heritage sites.

Reference site:

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lotus Temple-A Graceful Marvel of India

 Lotus Temple or the Bahai temple, a peaceful icon of marvelous India, located in Delhi. It is also recommended by the locals as the Taj of Modern India. This temple is named after its shape and is popular all around for its modern architecture. It is surrounded by a large green landscaped garden. It is a symbol of peace for Bahai’s. Among the religion of Bahai’s, importance is given to prayers which revealed in the scriptures only. According to Bahai’s faith, minor acts of praying is not sufficient, one has to convert one’s prayers into actions that promotes the well being of humanity.

Lotus Temple, Delhi
The credit for the design and architecture of the temple building goes to the Persian architect Fariborz Sahba of Canada. He got the idea of making the temple in lotus shape as the lotus is the symbol of peace, purity, love and immortality. The whole construction took 10 years to complete it and made available for public. Many architectures, artisans, technicians, workers, took the work on their shoulders to complete it magnificently. They work together diligently and finally gave the beautiful iconic structure to the Indians. 

Lotus Temple
The temple was completed in 1986 and after its completion, a technical journal of the United Kingdom was the first to visit it.  Also, he gave the appellation that it is a Taj Mahal of the 20th century. After that lots of people visit this half-open flower surrounded by its leaves and gave many expressions. The shining white marble attracts a large number of crowds from across the globe. It creates a sense of awe among tourists.

Inside Area
The architecture of the temple is so attractive that one gets muse in the architecture. The inner dome is spherical in shape and is like a bud that consists of 24 petals. Flooring inside the auditorium is of pure white marble that shines even today.

Inside view of Temple

Interior View of Temple
 Green landscape, long stairs, nine pools of water, curved balustrades, bridges, etc. surround this half open flower and make it the most attractive icon of Delhi. It is a remarkable shrine of peace that will stand for centuries. This large temple also houses a reception center, a library and an administrating building. The library contains a rich collection of religious books not only of Bahai religion but also of other religions. Also, introductory audio-visual presentation is displayed there for the visitors. 

Model of Lotus Temple
People of any religion can visit this temple and pray or meditate freely. It has the capacity to accommodate nearly 2500 people and has nine doors that open in a central hall through which people enters into the main hall.  Many other nearby attractions are there that are also popular like the Kalkaji temple and the famous Nehru place market. So, visiting this temple is the most memorable part of anyone’s life.

Your can find the other tourist places in Delhi here.

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