Friday, August 2, 2013

Hampi: A Historical Paradise on the Earth

Hampi, located in Karnataka, is one of the historical paradises of the earth. Rich in architecture, historical places, temples, gigantic forts, markets and many more things. It is one of the world’s UNESCO heritage sites. The large number of tourists flock here to see the ruins of the city. Many carnivals take place here which attracts a large crowd of tourists, it showcases special puppetry shows, music and dance followed by fireworks etc.. To know it better, then you have to visit this paradise to have a close look. Famous landmarks or tourist places in and around this city are worth to visit and it includes the following places.

Places to Visit in Hampi


  • Virupaksha Temple: It is a famous and oldest temple of Hampi dedicated to the Hindu god of destruction. Many pilgrims and tourist visit here. It consists of the God’s sanctum, pillared halls and a series of giant entrance towers. Pilgrims worship here from the deep soul of the body.
  • Vittala Temple: As the name suggests, it is dedicated to Vittala, an incarnation of Hindu god Vishnu. This temple consists of many halls and shrines. Many sets of pillars, basically known as “musical pillars” are there, they resonate when tapped. The environment of this temple is soothing and packed with numerous small temples in it.
  • Sasivekalu Ganesha: This temple has a giant statue of Ganesha inside it. Sasivekalu means made of mustard seed, and here the Ganesha’s potbelly is made up of mustard seed. Hence the name of the temple is after the belly of Ganesha. Many tourists and pilgrims come here especially to see the mustard potbelly of lord Ganesha.


  • Riverside Trek Path: This path is filled with ruins of ancient structures, numerous shrines, carved artifacts, etc. It connects to the ancient Hampi Bazaar, a famous market of Hampi, you can purchase the ancient artifacts, miniature structures of Hampi tomb, etc.

Palaces & Forts

  • Lotus Mahal: This Mahal or palace was about the queen. She used this palace as a pleasure pavilion. It contains Islamic architecture style arches and the roofs and base typical of Hindu temples. So it showcases a beautiful amalgam of Hindu and Islamic architecture.
  • Queen’s Bath: This structure belongs to the royal area of the capital and used by the country ladies or kings. It is like an aquatic complex. It consists of a large verandah having a large pool and protruding balconies facing the pool. It is an another example of the Indo-Islamic hybrid architecture.
  • Elephant Stables: It was the shelter for the royal elephants of the olden time. It has a series of chambers with domical roofs for the safety purpose. A centrally located hall with a grand tower used by the ceremonial band troop.
  • King’s Balance: This balance is used by the kings to measure their weights against the grains and jewels, which were to be distributed among the poors and beggars during the festival or any occasion.
  • Royal Enclosure: It was the seat of the erstwhile kings, and a grand fortified enclosure. It contains many ruins of stately structures. Its area is packed with many palaces, bases, underground temple, aquatic structures and many more things. Mahanavami platform is there from where king watches the parade of the city on festivals or any occasion.


  • Daroji Bear Sanctuary: It is the famous sanctuary of Hampi famous for its bear population. Apart from the bears, there are many faunal species of Leopards, Hyena, Jackals, Wild Boars, Porcupine, Pangolins, Star Tortoise, Monitor Lizard, Partridges, etc. About 20 species of butterflies found here. You can see these animal species in their natural habitat.

One can say that Hampi has a lot to offer to its tourist either it is a temple in the tourist place or ancient monument with its ruins. If you book any package for this city then it will be easy for you to get to that place easily and able to enjoy the tour as well. So come and enjoy this Hampi tour with Erco Travels


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