Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Majestic Hill Forts Of Rajasthan - Included In World Heritage Sites by UNESCO

All people living in this world almost have heard about the beauty and historic culture of Rajasthan. The state is very popular for its historic beauty because many rulers have ruled in the different cities of Rajasthan. Due to this they had constructed many forts and palaces for their living. But after their death, these forts and palaces became tourists’ places because of their beauty. To prevent the natural and cultural beauty of Rajasthan forts is the duty of the people because one cannot get these forts built again.

Gagron Fort (Image by William Warren on Flickr)

Kumbhalgadh Fort (Image by Tushar Dayal on Flickr)

Six majestic hill forts of Rajasthan Gagron Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Amber Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Chittorgarh Fort and Ranthambore Fort have been included in UNESCO world heritage sites. Aim of putting these forts in world heritage sites is to prevent its value universally. They are included in UNESCO world heritage sites after the approval in 37th meeting of ‘World Heritage’ committee in Cambodia. After the addition of these forts in heritage sites, they will receive the international recognition by the efforts of UNESCO.

Amber Fort (Image by Anthony Gurr on Flickr)

Jaisalmer Fort (Image by Wolfgang on Flickr)
All these forts are surrounded by various landscapes of deserts, dense forests, hills and rivers for the defense of the forts. They have water harvesting structures that are still in use today. Six hill forts reflect the power of Rajputs and their political independence.

Chittorgadh Fort (Image by Sandeepgill47 on Flickr)

Vijay Stambh - Tower of Victory in Chittorgarh Fort (Image by Amit Rawat on Flickr )

Ranthambore Fort (Image by TuAnh Nguyen on Flickr)

Forts have several unique properties and for this reason they join UNESCO world heritage sites. Its universal values are:-


These six forts form the complete group when seen in a series and demonstrate the properties of universal value without depending on future addition of any forts to the series.


All these forts depict the history, culture and bravery of ancient ruler of Rajasthan. The authenticity of the forts is maintained even today because of their originality in the basic architecture.

Cultural Beauty

The six forts when combined show their eternal beauty all over the world. All of them attract people throughout the world.

Great architecture

All these forts depict the great art and culture of the states and represent the glory of their rulers. These buildings are very good epitomes of art and architecture.

Due to these properties, six Rajasthan hill forts join UNESCO world heritage sites. When UNESCO declared this news, all ‘Rajasthanis’ have celebrated the feeling of happiness together. As soon as this announcement has spread over the state, great enthusiasms have been seen on the faces of all people of Rajasthan.

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