Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Taj Tourism Vanished in front of Tirupati Balaji

Andhra Pradesh becomes a no. 1 tourist destination due to increase in the number of pilgrims towards it. 20.68 crore tourists travel to this place in 2012. Other states like Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh took the second and third places. The figures revealed by the Ministry of Tourism tell everyone that what the topmost tourist destination of India is.

About Lord Tirupati

Temple of lord Venkateswara is located nearby Tirupati in chittor district of Tirumala. This capital is 600 km far from the Hyderabad. 10th century made temple is preferable by the tourists than to Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh and Ajanta-Ellora in Maharashtra. Tourists come from different states and countries to visit this honorable temple.

List of increase in domestic tourist:

2010 - 74.8

2011 - 86.5

2012 - 103.6

(In crores)

Top Destinations (In Crores):

Andhra Pradesh - 20.68

Tamil Nadu - 18.41

Uttar Pradesh - 16.84

Karnataka - 9.41

Maharashtra - 6.63

Madhya Pradesh - 5.32

Rajasthan - 2.86

Uttarakhand - 2.68

Gujarat - 2.44

West Bengal - 2.27

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Trip to Mysore

Travel destinations vary from place to place. Either it is a hill station or a plain. Each place has its own charm. Mysore is one of those kinds of tourist places which gather much tourist crowd. With a great heritage, good climate, all amenities, magnificent palaces makes it a hotspot. With this tour, one will be mesmerized to go there again. It being a nice idea to explore any city your own but with trusted travel agent you will feel an adventurous time. Be a part of the Fabulous and Enthralling Mysore tour by ErcoTravels.

About Mysore

Mysore is one of the best tourist locations in Bangalore. It is very near to Bangalore. Its name itself evokes the culture and heritage of the place. It is the city of palaces. It never desist the tourists from its charm, tranquility, sacred temples, shady avenues etc. If one goes there, then he will definitely want to go at that place again. Enthralling beauty of it startled you totally. People go there even to make it their hometown also. From here only, you can imagine or makes an idea of the glory of the place. It is really a heaven.

Climate of Mysore

Climate of Mysore again takes a plus point for taking its tour. One can go at any time of the year to Mysore as climate is not extreme to both sides. Neither it’s too warm nor is it cool. So there is a pleasant atmosphere which gives tranquility to the busy and pushy mind. But, in rainy seasons, it is advisable to avoid this place.


Accommodation is the main problem of tourists. But here Mysore itself offers a wide range of it. There are many hotels, palaces, restaurants, lodges etc. available in a huge quantity. One can stay here according to one’s choice and budget.

Tourist Places

Mysore’s tourist locations serve as major tourist attractions in the vicinity. More than half of the tourists’ population of Mysore is for watching the Jog fall which is the highest waterfall in India. Trekking along the Jog fall is also very exciting. Its monuments are the most visited monuments of India. Here one can enjoy visiting the Amba vilas palace, Jaganmohana palace, Lalitha Mahal, chamundi Hills and ST Philomena’s Church. One can visit the newly developed Zoo, national parks and sanctuaries also. If you are searching for the yoga classes, then here is it. Many tourists either they are Indians or foreigners visit this place to take yoga classes. There are so many hill stations nearby of it. Hill station of Ooty is the nearest one. Many religious places are there that gives peace of mind.


Mysore is surrounded by sandalwood and rosewood forests. Thus, the shopping material also includes this wood. All the decorative items like statues are made from this. One can do lots of shopping from here for one’s loved ones. Though a bit expensive but its charm attracts everyone and at last one will purchase it at any cost. For ladies, silk sarees is the famous cloth. No women can left out of it.

At last, we can say that it is a very environment friendly place. Also every year, one of the stations of Karnataka region gets awarded by the Ministry of Tourism for providing the best amenities to their tourists. So, not only Mysore, there are many places near Bangalore where any person go with their family and can able to spend quality time over there.