Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Taj Tourism Vanished in front of Tirupati Balaji

Andhra Pradesh becomes a no. 1 tourist destination due to increase in the number of pilgrims towards it. 20.68 crore tourists travel to this place in 2012. Other states like Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh took the second and third places. The figures revealed by the Ministry of Tourism tell everyone that what the topmost tourist destination of India is.

About Lord Tirupati

Temple of lord Venkateswara is located nearby Tirupati in chittor district of Tirumala. This capital is 600 km far from the Hyderabad. 10th century made temple is preferable by the tourists than to Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh and Ajanta-Ellora in Maharashtra. Tourists come from different states and countries to visit this honorable temple.

List of increase in domestic tourist:

2010 - 74.8

2011 - 86.5

2012 - 103.6

(In crores)

Top Destinations (In Crores):

Andhra Pradesh - 20.68

Tamil Nadu - 18.41

Uttar Pradesh - 16.84

Karnataka - 9.41

Maharashtra - 6.63

Madhya Pradesh - 5.32

Rajasthan - 2.86

Uttarakhand - 2.68

Gujarat - 2.44

West Bengal - 2.27


  1. Great statistics. Shocking to know one of the Wonders of the world is left behind by pilgrim center..,

  2. Hi! Nice stastics. I want to go to India someday.

  3. thanks for the update...
    Sad to see WB bottoming the list :-(