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Know About the Visiting Time & Routes of Kerala Backwater Houseboats

Placid environment, serene backwaters, breathtaking hill stations, stunning beaches, historical places and many more things are there that lures tourists towards this cultural state of India i.e. Kerala. The choice is endless and many holiday seekers with the different purposes move to this place to spend their vacation. Some go for the Ayurvedic treatment, some for getting the tranquil environment of hill stations and some for its fascinating backwaters.

Kerala as we know is a long coastal destination and this totally ensures that the climate of this state never bound to its extremes means neither it is too hot nor it’s too cold. Each season of this exotic state has its own charm. Summer season has its own charm while the winter season has its own glamour. So, it is an all-season destination preferred by most of the people but, the peak period of tourists is considered from August to May as best time to visit. During this time period, its climate is more attractive and tranquil, where one can enjoy the graceful time in houseboat or feel the backwater cruising at its best.

Places of Backwater Houseboats

Kerala Backwaters Kettuvallam (Rice Boat) by Nostalgic T+ Allan on flickr
The state has many lakes and the boats are used for several purposes. Some of them includes Kollam, Alappuzha, Kuttanad, Kottayam, Kumarakom, Munroe Island, Kasargod, Thiruvallam, Kozhikode, Alleppey, Wayanad, Thekkady, etc. So, many places are there that offers various kinds of houseboat facilities.

Kerala Backwaters Kettuvallam (Rice Boat) by Nostalgic T+ Allan on flickr
The beauty of the backwaters of Kerala cannot be written in words or explained orally properly. One can experience it by going there only. Everything can be found on this pristine land. Due to its beauty, sometimes it is said to be “God’s Land”. A large number of tourists go there each year with different purposes. Any person goes there surely take the ride of houseboat once at least and then only will be able to know the charm behind the famous backwaters with houseboats.

Deluxe Houseboat

For having deluxe houseboat with one bedroom and night A/C facility than one has to pay INR 6000 only around Alleppey.

Premium Houseboat

For Premium houseboat with one bedroom and full time A/C, one has to pay INR 8000 only.

Booking in advance should be made by the tourists, as in the peak season time, bookings are closed due to the large number of visitors. No houseboat remains vacant at the peak time, so one should book it in advance according to one’s needs, requirement and especially the budget.

Backwater Routes

Here is the list of Kerala backwater routes, the best way to cover this exciting journey.

Kumarakom - Alleppey

Kumarakom - Alleppey - Tottappally

Alleppey - Thottappally

Kumarakom Round Trip

Alleppey Round Trip

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Enjoy the Graceful Moments of Your Life in Houseboat of Kerala

Kerala, a famous state of South India is a popular destination among Indians as well as Foreigners. Surrounding by the Arabian Sea, Western Ghats, networked by 44 rivers make it unique among the other states of South India.  It is the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. A tranquil environs, pristine beaches, exotic lakes, along shoreline, high hills, waterfalls, sprawling tea plantation and the most probable thing is a night on houseboat make you feel marvelous.

kettuvallam (Kerala houseboat) by Nick Williams on flickr
Kerala Houseboat by Flash Graphics on flickr
Houseboats of Kerala are much similar to those of “Shikara” of Kashmir.  There are a large number of houseboats available in Kerala due to its large demand among the visitors. They are basically a slow moving raft used for leisure trips. These are the modified model of Kettuvallam (Boat tied with ropes of coconut fibers), that was used in the earlier times by most of the people for trade purposes. Rice and many kinds of spices were carried by these boats from one place to another and considered as the convenient way of means of transportation. But now-a-days, those Kettuvallam modified to form a beautiful houseboat used for visitors.

Many houseboats are available there for tourist purpose. Some of the houseboats are motorized while the other ones are stationary ones. All the amenities are provided by them in these houseboats. So, the main classification of the houseboat is: Deluxe Houseboats, Premium and Luxury Houseboats.

Inside view of Kerala Houseboat by monishamanral on
Kerala Houseboat Inside by Flash Graphics on flickr
First of all, we will discuss the qualities and amenities provided by the varieties of houseboats. Deluxe houseboats are the famous ones as well as the costlier one. Eco-friendly measures are adopted on-board with them to provide the deluxe facilities to their visitors. A right example to show it eco-friendly is the toilet facility. Toilets of this houseboat run on the biodegradable system as the waste developed is brought to land not to the rivers and disposed properly. It does not pollute the rivers and beautiful Lakes. These boats contain spacious hall, two bathrooms attached to the bedrooms with facility of both hot and cold water. For cooking purposes, there is a kitchen in which all the needed things are available. One can cook one’s food by oneself or a maid is available to cook the delicious South Indian food and serve you the quality food in the boat itself.  Also, a generator powered the boat for full time light and a/c facilities is available there.

Luxury houseboat cruises by Muthoot Hotels on flickr
Luxury Houseboat by Kerala Boating on flickr
Secondly, there are Premium and Luxury Houseboats that provide the same facility as the deluxe one but, some things can be found different in all the boats. It’s like a dream come true when you float like a leaf on the fluctuating waves of the river or lakes. This type of feeling can easily feel by traveling in Luxury houseboats as these are just like the floating fortresses on wood. With five star facilities these Luxury houseboats are comfortable enough as like a house. These are fully air conditioned boats, elegantly decorated and contains all the modern facilities as per the comfort of the person. Reading, playing and other activities are now easy on backwaters while traveling in a houseboat. Well furnished rooms and magnificent view of the countryside allures anyone. Spacious bedrooms with total privacy make anyone feel majestic. Each room of the boat has attached bathroom facility. Kitchen on-board with palatable cuisine like Karimeen, Kappa and toddy erect your taste buds to the fullest. Many varieties of dishes delight you surely.

Luxury houseboat cruises by Muthoot Hotels on flickr
For honeymooners, riding on a houseboat especially on a moonlit night creates the atmosphere of romance everywhere. The upper deck of the houseboat is another good place to hold a party as it is spacious enough with a seating capacity of fifty persons.

So enjoy the beauty of Lakes, Rivers, Flora, Fauna, Tea plantations, Hill side views and many more while on-board on the houseboat. One can enjoy the extreme beauty of the Kerala through the houseboats itself. It became a long lasting and unique experience for anyone riding on the backwaters.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Goa: A State with Largest Heart

Baga Beach
Dona Paula Beach
Majorda Beach
Miramar Beach
Anjuna Beach
Colva Beach
Mandovi River
Goa is one of the coolest places in India and is famous for its climate and pristine beaches. Tourists gather here in a huge number. Climate of Goa is soothing enough that you do not have to decide whether to go in summer, spring, winter or rainy season. The beaches of this place are the main attractions. Some of the most frequently visited beaches are: - Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Colva Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Miramar Beach, Majorda Beach and Vasco Da Gama Beach. Cruising on the Mandovi River with astonished seafood is the other attraction. Sand near the beaches gives the warmth of the beaches. Sunbath, coconut tree adds on with the beauty of the Goa. Portuguese bread that sold at the time of the Portuguese invasion in the country is also famous. Some travelers especially go there to have the savor of this bread.

Fish Curry with Rice
Mango Dish
Se Cathedral
Shantadurga Temple
St. Michael's Church
Mahalsa Temple
A balm for the busy mind, magnificent beaches to swim, savor its unique cuisine, large cathedrals, majestic temples, invigorating trek, etc. makes the Goa a finest destination in the India. It is forever holiday place. This place has charm that shows as a multifaceted jewel in the crown of India. This tour surely soothes your mind, body, spirit and soul. So if you are opting for this, then you surely choose the right land for your holiday. The trip will be an unfading memory.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hampi: A Historical Paradise on the Earth

Hampi, located in Karnataka, is one of the historical paradises of the earth. Rich in architecture, historical places, temples, gigantic forts, markets and many more things. It is one of the world’s UNESCO heritage sites. The large number of tourists flock here to see the ruins of the city. Many carnivals take place here which attracts a large crowd of tourists, it showcases special puppetry shows, music and dance followed by fireworks etc.. To know it better, then you have to visit this paradise to have a close look. Famous landmarks or tourist places in and around this city are worth to visit and it includes the following places.

Places to Visit in Hampi


  • Virupaksha Temple: It is a famous and oldest temple of Hampi dedicated to the Hindu god of destruction. Many pilgrims and tourist visit here. It consists of the God’s sanctum, pillared halls and a series of giant entrance towers. Pilgrims worship here from the deep soul of the body.
  • Vittala Temple: As the name suggests, it is dedicated to Vittala, an incarnation of Hindu god Vishnu. This temple consists of many halls and shrines. Many sets of pillars, basically known as “musical pillars” are there, they resonate when tapped. The environment of this temple is soothing and packed with numerous small temples in it.
  • Sasivekalu Ganesha: This temple has a giant statue of Ganesha inside it. Sasivekalu means made of mustard seed, and here the Ganesha’s potbelly is made up of mustard seed. Hence the name of the temple is after the belly of Ganesha. Many tourists and pilgrims come here especially to see the mustard potbelly of lord Ganesha.


  • Riverside Trek Path: This path is filled with ruins of ancient structures, numerous shrines, carved artifacts, etc. It connects to the ancient Hampi Bazaar, a famous market of Hampi, you can purchase the ancient artifacts, miniature structures of Hampi tomb, etc.

Palaces & Forts

  • Lotus Mahal: This Mahal or palace was about the queen. She used this palace as a pleasure pavilion. It contains Islamic architecture style arches and the roofs and base typical of Hindu temples. So it showcases a beautiful amalgam of Hindu and Islamic architecture.
  • Queen’s Bath: This structure belongs to the royal area of the capital and used by the country ladies or kings. It is like an aquatic complex. It consists of a large verandah having a large pool and protruding balconies facing the pool. It is an another example of the Indo-Islamic hybrid architecture.
  • Elephant Stables: It was the shelter for the royal elephants of the olden time. It has a series of chambers with domical roofs for the safety purpose. A centrally located hall with a grand tower used by the ceremonial band troop.
  • King’s Balance: This balance is used by the kings to measure their weights against the grains and jewels, which were to be distributed among the poors and beggars during the festival or any occasion.
  • Royal Enclosure: It was the seat of the erstwhile kings, and a grand fortified enclosure. It contains many ruins of stately structures. Its area is packed with many palaces, bases, underground temple, aquatic structures and many more things. Mahanavami platform is there from where king watches the parade of the city on festivals or any occasion.


  • Daroji Bear Sanctuary: It is the famous sanctuary of Hampi famous for its bear population. Apart from the bears, there are many faunal species of Leopards, Hyena, Jackals, Wild Boars, Porcupine, Pangolins, Star Tortoise, Monitor Lizard, Partridges, etc. About 20 species of butterflies found here. You can see these animal species in their natural habitat.

One can say that Hampi has a lot to offer to its tourist either it is a temple in the tourist place or ancient monument with its ruins. If you book any package for this city then it will be easy for you to get to that place easily and able to enjoy the tour as well. So come and enjoy this Hampi tour with Erco Travels