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Cultural Tour of Royal Rajasthan

India is a very colorful and exotic place for travelling because it has diverse culture. It has variety of food, costumes, traditions, etc. It is a perfect destination for all the tourists since many years. The history of India is very vibrant and ethnic from many years. Among its many states, Rajasthan is one the popular and famous state. Tourists among various countries and itself India are attracted towards the beauty of this state. Museums are also one of the attractions of Rajasthan where tourist can get knowledge of the ancient times. The culture of Rajasthan is very vast and dynamic. Historical places in Rajasthan speak a lot about its culture, tradition, socio-economic customs.

Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur (Image by Anil Khubani on Flickr)

Interior area of Albert hall museum (Image by i2n2 on Flickr)
Painting of Albert hall museum (Image by John McCAbe on flickr)

Sculpture of Albert hall museum (Image by Shashi Rajput on flickr)

In cultural tour of Rajasthan, one can visit places likes:-

•    Forts are the places that remind us about our culture and traditions. They are symbol of old civilization and they are very valuable archeological assets of our country.

•    The various temples depict the Hindu tradition and their culture.

•    Palaces of Rajasthan are beautifully designed and their artistic works are well known in the whole country.

Chittorgarh Fort
Dadhimait Mata temple (Image in Wikipedia)
City Palace, Jaipur 

Tradition and lifestyle

Many religions are found in Rajasthan but Hinduism is the dominant religion. Different people practice their own customs rituals, beliefs and behavior. All this depicts that Rajasthan has unity in diversity. The festivals of this state are the symbol of its rich heritage. Various festivals are celebrated throughout the year like pushkar fair, desert festival, camel festival and teej. Through these the visitors can enjoy the true colors of Rajasthan.

Desert festival, Jaisalmer (Shobha yatra), Image by anupama kinagi on flickr
Desert festival, Jaisalmer (Image by anupama kinagi on flickr)

 Art and literature

Rajasthan has a magnificent architecture .The stone work of this state is very popular and this is the best place where the tourists can shop handicrafts, paintings & work of art.

Handicrafts in Celebration Mall, Udaipur

Dance and music

It is the prime part of Rajasthan culture. The devotional and classical songs of Rajasthan talks about it rich past. The folk dance like Ghumar, kathputli etc is the source of great enjoyment for the tourists.

Bhavai folk dance, Rajasthan (Image by selvin kurian on flickr)

Various instruments like Ektara, dholak, sitar etc attracts the music lovers. 
Ektara seller man in Jaisalmer

Food and Flavours

The tourists can enjoy delicious food & Snacks in Rajasthan. Lassi of Jodhpur, milk sweets of bharatpur, sohan halwa of Ajmer are one of the specialties of Rajasthan.

Special Makhania Lassi, Jodhpur 

A Visit to Rajasthan is a complete package for the Tourists to enjoy all aspects of life.

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