Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Top Must-See Historical Tourist Attractions for India Tours

India itself is rich in history as well as historical places which are the top tourist attractions in the country. From North to South, East to West, you will find attractive tourist destinations in India. So, never miss these must-see historical places when you visit India to see the luxury as well as the rich culture and history of India.

India is a huge land and there are numerous spots you can visit. From East to West, North to South, there are several attractions which you can see, with each more attractive than the other. Out of those thousands, here is a list of the must-see tourist attractions in case you have India tour packages. Whether you are just on a short tour or a long visit, you must see these historical places in India since they are not worth a miss.

A Brief Introduction to Indian History

India is the great grandmother of tradition, the grandmother of legend, the mother of history, the birth place of human speech, and the structure of human race. The history of India can be nearly divided into the 6 periods: post-independence, the struggle for independence, colonial period as part of The Raj, the years of the Company, Medieval India and Ancient India.

The Must-See Historical Places of India

India Gate – Situated in Rajpath, New Delhi, India Gate is a leading tourist attraction for India tours, and must be included at the top of your list. Also known as the India War Memorial, this monument was constructed in honor of the memory of about 90,000 fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for freedom at the time of World War I. This is also a memorial to the second war in Afghanistan in 1919. The gate consisted almost entirely of sandstone, is roughly 42 meters in height and was first built by the Duke of Connaught in 1921.

Bodhgaya – This is a spiritual sanctuary for religious Buddhists and attracts thousands of the devoted to the sacred monument every year. Situated just outside of Niranjana, this tourist site is known to be one of the holiest of pilgrimage sites, as history claims that this place is where Buddha achieved his enlightenment.

Khimsar Fort – Originally built in 1523 AD by well-known architect Rao Karamsiji, Khimsar Fort should also be included in your list of the must-see tourist attractions when you have India travel. Located on the Great Thar Desert, and having the 20th descendent as the occupant, it is more like a palace instead of a hotel. Khimsar Fort is ranked as the most desirable Royal Retreat that you can stay at while having a visit in India. The hotel features 50 ultra luxurious rooms, equipped with all of the facilities, from air conditioning to hot and cold water as well as a 24-hour room service.

Konark Sun Temple in India Tours

Located in Orissa just outside of the city of Puri, Konark Sun Temple is known to be a “medieval masterpiece” that symbolizes the wealthy architectural heritage of the culture of India from this time period. Created mostly from intricately hand sculpted segments and pieces, the temple was built complete with 24 wheels (each having around 10 feet in diameter), and complete of elaborate details like the spokes. The temple’s entrance is guarded by two fearsome lions, there are 7 horses which pull the chariot, and rearing elephants welcome travelers and tourists to the primary steps that lead to this temple. visit: www.ercotravels.com

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