Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why India is called Incredible India!

Out of the many countless reasons, here are some of the top reasons why India is called Incredible India and why you should visit India on your next vacation tour.
India is a big country - Being the 7th largest country by area in the world, India has very diverse natural features. Mountains covered with snow, hot and dry deserts, beautiful beaches and islands, rocky mountain range and dense forests, you can find all of them in India.
Colorful Heritage and Culture - The heritage of India is as vast as the size of the country. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, its heritage is rich in customs and traditions. So many different cultures have co-existed in the past and have blended together to form the present Indian society.
Great Architectural Wonders - The old rulers and emperors of India were great admirers of art and craftsmanship. The architectural marvels built by them are the proof of it. Temples, mosques, tombs, palaces and forts built by these kings are so mesmerizing you will not get enough of them.
Hospitality - With the motto ‘Atithi devo bhavah’ meaning guest is God, you will find the hospitality of India pleasing. Traditional rituals for greeting the guests at the time of arrival and departure have become a part of Indian customs.
Food and Cuisine - The food is an important part of any culture. For many visiting tourists Indian food has always been on the top of the list of things to try. The Indian food is full of variety and the taste is simply unforgettable.
Festivals - Visit India during any festive season and you will find how colorful and vibrant life can be. With so many festivals celebrated throughout the year, life itself becomes a part of this celebration.
Wildlife - Visit the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to get a chance to see the Mother Nature at her best. Variety of wildlife species, plants and tress can be seen in these parks and will take your breath away because of there sheer beauty.
India Tour Operators present informative clause according to Incredible India gives you just an idea about great India. You can choose India tours plan and enjoy your vacation in more convenient and enjoyable way.

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