Monday, May 7, 2012

What to Expect in Kerala Tour

Kerala is one of the best travel locations to visit. This place has a wide range of scenic beauties to offer. This article will discuss about all these locations that it offers. This article will help you explain what to expect in God’s Own Country, Kerala.

Beaches- Kerala is well known for its long beaches. This is a state which is located at the cost and thus, sea food is also a delicacy here. There are many beaches in this state and each has its own specialty. It creates lagoons and many other natural formations made by the sea. People love to enjoy this Kerala beach location with family and friends. Contrary to the Goa beaches, this is a calmer place. Some of the well known beaches are Alappuzha beach, Bekal beach, Fort Kochi beach and many more among the long list.

Hill stations- contrary to the beaches, there are hill stations too. Hill stations provide a great place for honeymoons and summer travel holiday spots. To name a few hill stations, there is the Chembra Park, Chithirapuram, Idukki, etc. Out of these, the best and the well known hill station is Munnar which is a tourist attraction to people all over the world.

Backwaters- Kerala Bacwaters tour are the main tourist attraction to all. Beaches can be found everywhere but the backwaters can be found only in Kerala. The main formation of the backwaters comes from the 44 rivers which flow through Kerala. There are various destinations for the backwaters and mentioning one will not justify the others. Thus, choosing the locations on the basis of your needs and penchants will be the best option. Travelling and even staying on a boathouse is a must do when you visit the state.

Forests and national parks- Kerala is also a home for forests and wildlife. There are national parks as well as sanctuaries that protect the flora and fauna of the land. There is the Eravikulam National Park which homes the much endangered Nilgiri Tahr tree. The UNESCO is also considering the decision of making this national park a world heritage site. Kerala also has the Idukki, Chinnar, and Periyar wild life sanctuaries along with a few bird sanctuaries like Kumarakom, Thattekkad, and a few others.

Kerala is home to all these diverse places in it. In short, Kerala is a smaller version of India hosting all the elements which makes a complete India, albeit a few like snow-capped mountains. The state is also culturally and traditionally rich as it hosts some world famous temples and traditions. With this, it is the home to the spice markets which was the main attraction for the British and other foreign countries to step in and invade India. Even today, these species are grown in the kitchen gardens as a common plant and herb. It also hosts markets for the medicinal herbs, oils and powders while travelers visit the state to get treated for all their illnesses. Thus, one can expect a lot and even get it from Kerala.

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