Monday, September 10, 2012

Important Things to know before Travel to India

The word planned trip sounds very good and one should always plan their tour in advance so as to avoid any inconvenience during their tour. There are so many important measures that one should obey before travelling to India. Followings are some important information that will help you to spend a comfortable and hassle free journey:

1. Visa and Passport: Foreign visitors must possess a valid VISA before fly for India and it should be acquire from high commission or Indian Embassy.

2. Keep your Plan Flexible: As the Indian Nation is dotted with so many exciting destinations therefore, your plan may not probably go according to you. You should always travel keeping some extra time with you so that in case of any unexpected delays due to any reason your holiday do not affect.

3. Dress Sensibly: To avoid any unwanted attention, it is advisable to cover your body sufficiently by your dresses as you look different from the locals therefore you will be easily catch by their eyes. It is best to buy some clothes just after your arrival from the local market as Indian clothes will keep you cool and modest.

4. You will be easily Identified as a Foreigner: Because of the language barrier, looks and cultural awareness you will be easily catch their attention. The local vendors may charge more from you than its actual price when you go for shopping in the local market; wisely bargain with them and pay such amount as they deserve.

5. Take Precaution in Drinking Water: Avoid open water which you may find on your way; to keep your body germ free buy seal packed bottle. It’s better to avoid street food but if you want to be particularly adventurous you can try some food from the busy street which are cooked hot and hasn’t been sitting out. You can even buy some vegetables and fruits that you can wash and peel.

6. Traffic is Harsh: Traffic may irritate you at any cost as you may find a huge traffic on your way and it may happen from any small to big events. Therefore, carefully cross the road and always look ahead of you.

7. At Train Stations: Keep checking the enquiry window in the Railway stations or its announcement as the departure time and platform number are subject to change all the time or even sometimes at the very last minute.

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