Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kerala: Mecca of Indian Ayurveda

Welcome to God's Own Country to give a striking impact on your body, mind and soul through its rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments. Its natural beauty, greenery surrounding and cool atmosphere make Kerala an ideal holiday destination for Ayurvedic spa treatments. Though tourist get attracted towards this Indian state to watch its serenity of pristine backwaters, verdant hills and beguiling seashores other than that they love to visit Kerala for Ayurvedic therapy. 

Its lush green forest is the home of many floras, which are very rare to find in any other city or state. These floras have certain medicinal values and from the ancient age people are using them to cure deadly diseases. Kerala is the one and only place in India where Ayurveda is best practiced in primitive style. Month from June to August is considered the best time to visit Kerala to get the special effect of Ayurveda because in this season when atmosphere becomes cool and dust free, which helps to open body pores at its maximum. In the present day popularity of Kerala Ayurvedic treatment has attained such a momentum that people from every nook and corner wish to experience this unique therapy. 

Ayurvedic treatments include Dhara, Ksheera Dhoomam, Pizhichil, Snehapanam and many more, which eliminates all toxic from your body and balance the body’s life energy, naturally. These treatments are done under the proper surveillance of a qualified doctor after finding out the root of your problem. This program takes several days to completely cure your body from germs.

There are numbers of popular destinations which are best known for its Ayurvedic treatment and those are Munnar, Cochin, Kovalam beach, Alleppey, Periyar and Thottapally. Some of the renowned treatments of Ayurveda are weight loss, de-stressing, joint pains and anti-ageing. 

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