Monday, December 17, 2012

Slice of South India! Foodies Delight

Food is a way of life for the South Indian people and their cuisine has a distinctive and enviable platter of good food to offer. South India’s gastronomy differs from region to region because of the climate and geography. However, there are a few common dishes found throughout the region.
Kerala's meals 'Sadya'
South Indian gastronomy is mostly rice based and its dishes are hotter & spicier than north Indian dishes. As the region has plenty of farming area so people of the province always make best of use of them. During your South India Tour you can easily distinguish the reflection of fruits and vegetables in their mouth watering curries. Most of the recipes of South are enriched with curry leaves, coconut, green & red chilies, ginger and garlic which make the food luscious and healthy too.

South Indian Masala Dosa
South region is specially known for Dosa, Idli and Uthappam and no visit is completed without a bite such dishes. During trip to South India, you can taste the delicious Dosa in breakfast, which is made from rice, is enriched with protein. Idli and Dosa are served with sambar, rasam and coconut chutney, which are an important part of these dishes.

Coconut water is a common beverage of South which can be found in every recipe. Don't forget to take a sip of its traditional flavored coffee; it will surely make your holiday delightful.

Though the recipes of the entire zone are almost the same thereafter, some parts of the region pampers your taste less and some will more. Let's have a look:

Andhra Pradesh: The state never fails to taste the spiciest cuisine during your tour. Pickles and Chutneys are a common addition to most of the dishes.

Kerala: Kerala’s meals are served on banana leaves and it is referred to as ‘sadya’. Flavor of coconut and spices one can easily find in Kerala’s dishes.

Tamil Nadu: Experience the most aromatic and spiciest cuisine of Tamil Nadu, called Chettinad cuisine, which is a special dish of Chettinad region of the state.

Karnataka: Karnataka’s restaurants are very much popular for Bisi bele bath, jola roti, masala dosa, playa, idli and gojju and they always attract the foodies from every corner of the world.

Experience a spicy trip to South India and fulfill your tour itinerary with lots of mouth-watering cuisines of South.
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