Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are You Planning for a Holiday? How it Sounds 'Alleppey'?

It always becomes a question for the tourists who have never been in Kerala before, why it is called “God’s Own Country”? Come with a dozen of questions and fly for this spellbinding province and go back with an attractive answer. It is guaranteed that, you would never found anything other prettier and peaceful terrain in the entire South India than Kerala. There are comparatively a good numbers of travel destinations in the state, but the rested backwaters of Alleppey (also referred as Alappuzha) will surely please your perception about the region, greatly. This is not the only attractions of the city; there are more reasons behind going for a holiday in Alleppey.

How to Enjoy the Moments?

The criss-cross coconut trees of Kerala always made up the site more sought after for tourist. Sitting on the shade of these trees you can spend most of the time reading books and chatting with your partner. The huge network lagoons and various waterways are the lifeline of Alleppey, therefore it is considered the busiest trade center of the state. Houseboat tour on its pristine backwater is the most popular entity which can offer the most romantic cruise for the honeymooners ever. Booking one of the luxurious houseboats, you can comfortably spend your holiday at this place and can navigate the entire area throughout the days.

If you are travelling with kids, move to Vijaya beach Park; near to Alleppey beach. Children will get a great fun over here riding bicycle and enjoying the moments sitting in a toy train. The towering light house is one of the most preferred spot for the travelers which offer the superb glance of nearby surrounding.

Come to the thrilling beach activities now. Under the clear blue sky, Alleppey beach becomes busy in entertaining the thrill freaks indulging them in parasailing, swimming and surfing activity. Arriving at this place, on the months August and September you can pamper your time in watching snake boat racing festivity.

Experience the joy of being in the God’s Own Country by booking a beach resort in Alleppey from India tour operator. The elegant hospitality of South Indian people in such resorts are worth experiencing. Ayurvedic therapy, the holistic approach of Science, you can experience here to unwind your fatigue body and soul.

Kerala is known for its own distinctive spicy cuisines. The local Kerala foods might be not edible for the outsiders as almost every dish include coconut oils, but this can be a good adventure for you to pamper your taste. Find a clean restaurant and start savor its famous and delicious cuisines like dosa, idli, Appam, uthappam, etc. one by one; it will undoubtedly, be a new experience of your life.

Wish to sleep in the rocking houseboat on Alleppey backwater and get the experience, how a short day tour plan converts to a longer vacation. Let’s approach to experience the best holiday in Kerala and make your all wish fulfill.