Friday, September 20, 2013

Enjoy the visit to the Mythical Junagadh Museum

Junagadh Museum is located in the old town of Junagadh, Gujarat. It is also known as the Durbar Hall Museum. It was the courthouse in the times of the Nawabs of the Junagadh and the court cases put up there to resolve the issue.  After some time, it was converted into the museum.

Durbar Hall Museum
The Durbar Hall
The museum displays the unique collections of ancient coins, manuscripts, art, furniture, archaeological items, statues, Persian Sanskrit inscriptions, weapons, war items, jewelry, paintings, etc. One can also see the remains of the Harappan culture preserved there. It also conserves the tokens and mementos which convey the grandeur and glory of the past ages of Nawabs and Sultans.

Rich ornamental carpets, intricately designed silver thrones, beautiful chandeliers tells itself of the then Nawabs of Junagadh. Silver plated howdah is one of the most adored possessions of the Durbar Hall Museum. The Royal elephant gun is also must visit sight. Also, there is a royal portrait gallery which has photos of the last Nawab of the Junagadh. Many of the photos of the Nawab are with his beloved dogs.

 It takes 1 hour to see the whole museum properly. So, if you are planning a trip to Gujarat, then do not miss to visit this museum.

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  1. Interesting place.....such museums deserves a visit.

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  4. Beautiful exhibits and museum! Thanks for taking me on the tour. Have a happy week!

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  9. very interesting!! i would like a one hour tour, most museums in my area take many hours to see fully. i often feel overwhelmed!!

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