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Jatayu Nature Park Kerala- A wonderful combination of Nature, Art, Technology and Adventure

Kerala “God’s Own Country” is an incredible and lovely tourist destination in south west part of India. The state is florished with amazing beauty that attracts a number of the tourists every year. The unique features of this state that surprise all the visitors is its sunny beaches, dazzling backwaters, drowsy lagoons lakes, striking hill stations, lovely canals and rivers, exotic wildlife, etc.
Jatayu Nature Park - Kerala

The state includes several wonderful destinations but the rock-theme Jatayu nature park is the most amazing tourist place which is all set to open in January 2016.

Situated at Chadayamangalam (Jatayumangalam) in Kollam district of Kerala. It is spread over an area of 65 acres. The main aim to start this ambitious tourism project of worth Rs 100 crore, is to promote mythology.

Mr. Anchal, chairman, Jatayupara Tourism Pvt. Ltd. said that –

The park would “set a new milestone and will elevate the experience of travelers to Kerala.”

The amazing attractions of this park are beautiful and tinny mountains, small as well as huge valleys, cliffs and some rock-formations. The most sticking feature is a huge sculpture of Jatayu, the mythical bird, designed by renowned film maker Rajiv Anchal.

According to the Hindu mythology Jatayu was the wise old bird and a great devotee of Rama. Jatayu was a great devotee of Rama. He fights with the demon king Ravana and tried to save Sita (wife of lord Rama) from the clutches of Ravana. But Ravana fired an arrow at Jatayu. According to the local legend, it is believed to be the place where the bird Jatayu fell on the ground, bruised and battered.

This Jatayu nature park is officially open for the visitor from January 2016. Visiting this park you can experience a great combination of art, technology and adventure. The main features of the park are-

A huge sculpture of Jatayu
Hhuge Sculpture of Jatayu - Jatayu Nature Park

There is a huge structure of Jatayu measuring 200 ft long, 150 ft wide and 70 ft in height. It is the world’s largest bird structure on top of a hill and took 7 years to build this structure. According to the belive this structure is situated on the place where Jatayu took his last breath in front of Lord Rama.

A grand digital museum

In this Nature Park you can enjoy a 6D theatre and an audio-visual based digital museum. In this museum you can enjoy glance from the Ramayana.

Ayurveda cave resorts

Ayurveda Cave Resorts
Ayurveda Cave Resorts

‘Jatayu Nature Park’ houses an ayurveda cave resorts.

Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone

This nature park is a fun and frolic of adventure. There are lots of options of activities for every age peoples. There is a complete adventure zone and around 20 games options including paint ball, laser tag, archery, rifle shooting, rock climbing, bouldering, and rappelling.

Footprint of Lord Rama

Footprint of  Lord Rama

According to the local legends you can also found the foot prints of the lord Rama. While Jatayu was wounded and lying on the ground then Lord Rama arrived, at that time Jatayu get moksha.

Cable Car

Cable Car
In this nature park south India Government set up the South India’s first cable car for transportation and fun for the visitors.

Last but not the least this Jatayu Nature Park offers an amazing 360-degree views of mountains.

So what are you waiting for? It is open for public from January 2016. You will have lots of fun with new and different experiences.

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