Thursday, July 5, 2018

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Kerala for Food Lovers

When thinking about places to visit during the monsoons, Kerala always beats other destinations. This charming southern state has a lot to offer in terms of tranquility and peace embodied in the form of heavenly views of mist laden mountains, pristine backwaters, beaches, gushing rivers, waterfalls and not to mention the sumptuous food. For a truly rewarding monsoon vacation, we suggest these top tourist places of Kerala for food buffs.

Ela Sadya


A trip to this tea town translates into heaven for the lovers of street food. That is why this town is included in every Kerala tour package. The street food of this town is a delectable fare comprising of Idliappams, Chicken Stew in Coconut Gravy, Dosas, Puttu, Malabar Parotta and Hearty Meat and Chicken preparations which are loaded with south Indian spices.


As you enter Thekkady, be prepared to be surrounded by a whiff of spices emanating from the spice shops this place is known for which is precisely the reason why curries from this place are so flavourful. The fish and meat curries are a must try here which are often served with Appams or Dosas. Vegetarians can relish the generous Sadya Thalis with Dal, Rice, Stir Fried Vegetables and Payasam served on banana leaf.


Being a coastal city, Cochin has an impeccable cuisine which is a little different from other Keralite cuisines because of the multicultural influences. It's a great place to enjoy barbecued Fish, Prawn Fry, Prawn Masala Curry and not to mention Thalaserry Biriyani this place is famous for. Dishes like Puttu, Sambhar, Pachadi, Avial and Rasam are served in Thalis with Banana Chips and Pappadams as sides.


Chicken Biriyani
Located in Kottayam district, this hill station surrounded by pine forests, tea estates and cardamom plantations has a mystical aura that makes it a part of every Indian travel agent's itinerary. Apart from the regular thalis and multi- cultural cuisines served at most restaurants, dishes you must try here are Chicken Curry, Chicken Biriyani and Prawn Stir Fry.


Kootu Curry
Famous for large network of houseboats on its backwaters, Alleppey is no less than a foodie's paradise as this place is home to some truly delicious south Indian recipes to suit every palate. The dishes you must try here are Puttu with Kadala Curry, Kootu Curry which is made from Yam and Plantain, Ela Ada which is eaten as a snack or as a breakfast dish, Prawn Roast, Shappu Meen Curry and Mutton Paya Masala.


Thrissur has a diverse cultural landscape which lends a powerful influence on the food belonging to this region. Right from Puttus, Achappams, Parottas, Mixed Vegetable Avial, Poduthal - a rare vegetable dish consisting of Jackfruit, Bitter Gourd, Bananas and Coconut to Meen Porichathu and Malabar Mutton Biriyani, there's no dearth of delicacies to devour.


Kovalam beach has long remained a favoured destination for visitors from across the world. This coastal town boasts of its outstanding seafood preparations like Tandoori Prawns, Crab Curry, Fish Fry and flavorful vegetarian meal including Idlis, Thoran, Pachadi, Kaalam which is made from Youghurt and Payasam. Yet another dish worth digging your teeth in is the spicy fried chicken.


Fish Moilee
Wayanad is a perfect spot for anyone who wishes to experience the village life. A visit to Wayanad would be incomplete without exploring its ravishing cuisine. Dishes that are worth a try are Fish Moilee, Kattu Soup, Steamed Fish, Coconut Rice, Chicken Stew with Appams and a tribal dish called Nillekka which is made from gooseberries and honey.


Kannur has remained the epicentre of spice and wood trade in the earlier times which had its influence on the local cuisine. Dishes like Thalessery Chicken Biriyani, Ney Pathiri which is made from Rice, Chatti Pathiri, Spicy Mutton Korma which is served with Appams or Parottas and a sweet tea snack called Unnakkaya are greatly enjoyed by the visitors.


Fried Ice Cream
Known for its vast beaches, Kozhikode is a dream destination for the gastronomes. Each dish is a conglomeration of flavours from various other cuisines. The deal breakers are Chicken Vadivelu, Fried Ice Cream, Mutton liver cooked in spices and raw banana fritters among an expansive fare of dishes this place has to offer.

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