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Joyful Honeymoon Trip to Kottayam Backwaters

Beautiful Beach View  Of  Kottayam Beach Area

Honeymoon is a new chapter in newlywed couples, which begin with you and me time. It should be spent with the beautiful surroundings and the peace, to enjoy each other company. Kerala is one of the most popular destinations among the newlywed couples of not only India, but worldwide. It’s a perfect mix of nature, beaches, shores, romantic rides, boat house, shopping and delicious cuisine.There are many things which can be explore in Kerala trip.

Kerala Delicious Cuisine
Kottayam has a place of honor on the cultural map of Kerala.  Kottayam is a city in the Indian state of Kerala, spread over an area of 55.40 km2 and is the administrative capital of  Kottayam district. Kottayam is located in south-central Kerala. The city is approximately 150 km (93.2 mi) from the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram.

Snake Boat Race
From beaches to backwaters, anything and everything that a couple would want to enjoy in a memorable vacation lie within Kottayam. Kottayam features panoramic backwater stretches, vast expanses of paddy fields, highlands and extensive rubber plantations. The literacy rate here is 100% and thus, it is so named that it means the land of letters. It is also known as the land of latex and lakes. Situated close to the Chandragiri cruises starting from Chandragiri Bridge and featuring a mosque and the ancient Kizhur Sartha Temple, the cultivation of the cash crops makes Kottayam an economically sound place. The Venbad lake, the paddy fields of Kuttanad and Western Ghats all surround Kottayam making it one of the most exotic destinations of Backwaters of Kerala. A night trip across the shimmering waters of the legendary Punnamada Lake, venue for the famous Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race, opens new vistas of pleasures and delights.

Beautiful Boat House For Honeymoon Couples
Backwater offers you the most complete facility which anyone, and everyone may   feel as a home. At Backwater Retreat, contemporary elegance is combined with modern efficiency with grace, warmth and care. Honeymoon couples and Families interested in enjoying the serenity of nature and its silence would surely love to stay at such a place during their vacation. You can stay in kingly luxury, located in a peaceful atmosphere with lush greenery at the confluence of several rivers merging into the Kumarakom Lake. Honey moon couples can enjoy this unmatched abode in a perfect eco-setting - a pleasant escape to the lap of nature.

Artist  Ready For Arjun Nritham

The culture of  Kottayam is influenced mainly by the large presence of the Syrian Christian community. The cuisine of  Kottayam is the same as rest of Kerala, but with a distinct Syrian Christian influence seen in the use of coconut and spices, as well as beef, pork and sea food Keralite Cuisine. Margamkali and Arjuna Nritham are popular dance forms. There are also restaurants that cater to Kerala, Tamil and Northern cuisines. There are several movie halls, which screen Malayalam, English, Tamil and Hindi movies. Kottayam has seven theaters where movies are released periodically. They are Abhilash, Anupama, Anaswara, Anand cinemax, dhanya, ramya and Asha.
Houseboat in Kottayam
Beautiful Beaches, luxurious house boats and a romantic ride in Backwaters adds to the lifetime cherish-able memories. Small houseboat cruises across the long water panel in it is a romantic ride giving you plenty of all alone time in the nature’s arms. Backwaters of  Kottayam in kerala present a beautiful sight. Travel to Kottayam backwaters and explore the beauty yourself.

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  1. it sure looks and sounds like the perfect place for a honeymoon!! i really like the way the food is presented, it looks yummy and fun!!

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