Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pelling- The Unbeatable Heavenly Beauty of Sikkim

Sikkim is a small state of East India. Nestled in the land of Himalayas, this state is crowned with Mount Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest peak in the world with a height of 8,586 m. The state is full of beautiful unseen valleys; snow covered lakes, numinous monasteries and other mesmerizing natural sceneries. This floral paradise which is full of amiable places is also known for its adventurous sites, which will give you real thrill.

A View Of Himalayas

In this heavenly beauty, there is a small Mountain Village which is located in Eastern Himalayas and Western Sikkim, known as Pelling. Pelling is situated on a hilltop, for about an altitude of 2,150 m, a place where you can view the natural luminosity at its best. With the Kanchenjunga at a little distance, view is breath taking at the time of dusk and dawn, which make the place more enchanted. View from the nook and corner of the place is so amazing that it makes the place a worth visiting site of the East India. You can go on an air ride through the helicopter which will give you more panoramic sites to view.

Traditional Mask Dance
With the soothing beauty of the place, you can relax and feel rejuvenated at this natural place. Pelling’s peculiar beauty and mesmerizing landscapes are still untouched and undisturbed by today’s machine age to a great extent and that is the reason that tourists love to go and spend quality time there. This raw and real essence attracts many travellers each year and gives them the moments and memories to cherish all their lives. A picturesque place which is famous worldwide for watching the great Himalayas, and Kanchenjunga is seriously heaven on earth.

Dubdi Monastery

Apart from the stunning view of Kanchenjunga, you can visit the Dubdi Monastery, which is one of the oldest monasteries here. You can also go to visit a very famous lake named, Khencheopalri Lake. You can sit around or walk around the beautiful lake and spend your time with your loved ones. The best way to reach Sikkim is through road via Siliguri. Taxis and buses are available easily. If you want to travel by train, you have to get down on New Jalpaiguri station, and then you can go ahead by road. You can also fly. The nearest airport to Siliguri is Bagdogra. You can board a flight from Kolkata airport.

Khencheopalri Lake

Rear View Of  Khencheopalri Lake

Although the place is very close to nature but the accommodation provided by the hotels, there is worth staying. Hotels having all the modern amenities would never let you feel that you are away from your home. People here also are so warm and welcoming that they are ever ready to help their guests in any front. These hotels filled with modern amenities but still so close to Mother Nature will give you an elite experience for life. Government is taking steps in the maintenance of the town as the roads are being repaired, and the new hotels are being made here.

In winters, place is much more beautiful as the whole area is draped in white belt of snow. The environment is so chilly that the people love to be here in winters. Pelling also serves as a base camp for many grueling treks. Tourists trek in the western region of Sikkim from Pelling. These treks are arduous and if you are adventurous enough, you are going to enjoy it to the maximum.
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  1. By seeing your picture i think it is a very good place to visit. Beautiful scenaries to feel our mind happy and relaxed.

  2. Beautiful, stunning scenery. Just a note - it is H week this week.

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