Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Top 10 Beautiful and Must Visit Places of India Before they Vanish from the Earth

India is full with the amazing and wonderful places. Various kinds of heritages, national parks and natural places are the sole of India but it is very regretful that many beautiful heritages declared as endangered places due to harsh pollution so you  must see these special places before they vanish from the earth.

1)    Freshwater lakes in Asia - Shrinking Wular Lake

Wular Lake
Jammu and Kashmir is the most beautiful place of India. It is beautiful like a heaven. This place is full with several wonderful places. Wular Lake is one of the precious heritages in Jammu & Kashmir. It is also listed as the one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. It becomes a hottest point of attraction among the tourist but it is possible that this beautiful Lake no longer remains because it faces various environmental hazard issues due to pollution, the water area of this lake shrinking drastically.

2) Sasan Gir National Park - Home of the Asiatic Lion

Sasan Gir National Park
Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat is renowned for the Asiatic Lion. It is listed as an endangered heritage by IUCN due to its very small population size. It is very comfortable place for Asiatic Lions. Adventure and wildlife of this national park amaze you but unfortunately this might be invisible from the Gujarat.   

3) Hemis National Park - Home of Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards
The mysterious glamor of Himalayas always attracts the people. Hemis National Park is one of the precious places in the core of Himalayas. Hemis  National  Park is placed between the high altitude snow covered hills  and  in the lap of nature. The natural beauty, dazzling snow and richest flora & fauna definitely amaze you. So just capture the beauty of this amazing place before it disappears from the earth.

4) The Western Ghats - Core of Rare Species

Matheran Hill Station, Maharashtra
Cool mountain air, natural landscapes and crispy beauty. Alluring beauty of Western Ghats gives you a refreshing treat from the hectic life. Rich flora and fauna, more than 300 threatened species are there. If you are the nature lover then it is the excellent place to feel the splendor beauty of nature.

5) Rakhigarhi - The Indus Valley Civilization


Rakhigarhi is the wonderful treat for the history lovers. Rakhigarhi in Haryana is known as the largest ancient city during the period of the Indus Valley civilization. It is 5,000 years old civilization and Global Heritage Fund declared this place as one of the 10 most endangered heritage sites in Asia.

6)  Sundarbans - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tiger of Sundarban National park

Sundarbans National Park
Sundarbans National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forests in the world, it is the home of rare plant and animal species. It is widely renowned for endangered Bengal  Tiger.

7) Lakshadweep Coral Reef - A lucid drea

Coral Reef, Lakshadweep
Coral reef is an amazing place for sea lovers. View of coral reef is transports you into a dreamy world. According to a study conducted by KSCSTE, coral reefs face dire threat from pollution, coral mining, rummaging of navigational channels and blast fishing. So catch the beauty of this place as soon possible.

8) Taj Mahal - Dazzling symbol of Love

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is the pride of India. The white marble building in the Agra and it is the epitome of love. Every year the thousand numbers of domestic and international tourists comes to see the marvelous place but the harsh pollution slowly damages this heritage gem.

9)Rama Setu - A religious Symbol

Rama Setu
Rama Setu is a bridge which has the greater value in the holiest epic Ramayana. It is a natural land connection between India and Sri Lanka. However the proposal of the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project by the Indian government would damage it.

10)  Majuli - Splendor river islands in the world

Majuli Island
The Majuli is one of the largest river islands in the world located on the banks of the holy river Brahmaputra. The landscape is rather portrayed and beautiful nature at its charming best. It also representatives of a rich cultural heritage but like other natural heritage it will be vanishing due to cruel pollution.