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Top 10 Amazing and Adventurous Treks Of Ladakh

Trekkers On the Trek

Ladakh is the land of amazing beauty of nature, high treks, charming landscapes, sky touching mountains and pristine lakes. There is spirituality to be explored, high range of adventure to be had and jubilance of nature to be felt. Ladakh region is highly beautiful  and blessed with the beauty of dazzling Himalayas. Magical beauty of Ladakh never explained in some words, it is undefinable.Ladakh is the favorite place of nature lovers and as well as adventure seekers. There are plenty of trekking trails in Ladakh to explore. However, here is an arguable list of top 10 treks in Ladakh which you shouldn’t miss.

1. The Frozen River Trek

The Frozen River Trek
The Frozen River Trek 

The Frozen River trek is a trek on the frozen river Zanskar.This trek is open in winters and it is the only one route to get from Kargil to Padum.This trek is also renowned as Chadder trek. In this region you can see only a blanket of ice on the River Zanskar. It is a very hard trek region. This trek is not good for new trekkers because it is one of the very hard treks of Ladakh but the beauty of the Frozen River Trek is incredible.

2. Markha Valley Trek

 Markha Valley
The Markha Valley

Markha Valley Trek is full with amazing beauty of the  Himalayas, high passes, wildlife and it is lying between the remote Buddhist villages that are still connected to the outside world only by the footpaths. Markha Valley is a part of Hemis National Park. Trekking on this route fill new energy inside the trekkers and give them an amazing experience for whole life.

3. Zanskar Valley Trek

Zanskar Valley Trek
The Zanskar Valley Trek 
Zanskar Valley lies deep in the western part of the great Himalays. It is the core place of the ancient Buddhist kingdom. Most of the year the high passes of Zanskar valley are inaccessible due to the snow. A trek through  the Zanskar Valley is the only way of marching to some important monasteries of Ladakh and some remote villages. It is the most fascinating trek among the trekkers and it is also famous for rafting in Zanskar River.

4. The Nubra Valley Trek

The Nubra Valley Trek
The Nubra Valley Trek
Nubra Valley is the bubbly place with the loads of natural beauty.Nubra valley is also renowned as the valley of flowers. It has a large variety of beautiful flowers in the summer season. It is a cluster of pristine monasteries. It is also one of the most preferable treks by the trekkers. It is wonderful delights for trekkers.

5. Lamayuru to Alchi trek

Lamayuru  trek
Lamayuru trek
This trek is an eminent spiritual trek of Ladakh.this trek starts with a visit to the sacred Lamayuru Monastery, which is the oldest monastery of Ladakh and ends with the visit to Alchi Monastery. The trekking route from Lamayuru to Alchi is blessed with amazing beauty of nature.The beauty of nature makes it perfect for new trekkers who just want to enjoy in Ladakh with some adventure and trekking.

6.The Indus Valley Trek

Indus Valley
The Indus Valley
Indus valley formed by the channels of the Indus Rivers. Indus valley is fortunate with carved treks, bright mountain peaks and Spituk Monastery, which is one of the oldest monastery of Ladakh.Indus Valley trek is also famous for motor bike trip.this trek is also covers three major monasteries Rizong(Rhidzong), Likkir and Tamisgang.

7. Tsomoriri Lake Trek

Tsomoriri Lake Trek
Tsomoriri Lake Trek
This trek crosses the Changthang plateau of Ladakh.It stretches from Tibet to the extreme northwest of the range of Kunlun.It is also renowned as the land of the nomads. This trek covers total 5 beautiful passes.It is famous for extraordinary Ladakhi landscapes and the core place of Nomads; Nomads are the rural people of Tibetan origin.

8. Rupshu Valley Trek

Rupshu Valley Trek

Rupshu Valley is lying in the Southeast of Ladakh.Rupshu has large deserts which are separated by narrow ranges with elevated passes offering amazing natural views. This trek is located with the altitude ranging between 4500 and 5500 meters. It is widely famous for natural beauty and miraculous views.

9.The Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley Trek
The Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley Trek is also one of the wonderful treks of Ladakh.It is not too demanding trek but when a trekker come once in the Sham Valley Trek then he will come again and again. This is a 5 day long trek which includes a visit to the monasteries of Lamayuru,Alchi and Thiksey.Each monastery is totally different from others.

10.Lamayuru to Darcha Trek

Lamayuru to Darcha Trek
Lamayuru to Darcha Trek
Lamayuru to Darcha trek is the most demanding and famous trail into the Zangskar valley via Shingo La. Lamayuru - Darcha trek initiated from the most renowned and ancient Lamayuru Buddhist monastery and proceeds into Zangskar though most remote villages of  Photoksar , Lingshet, and then Padum which is the  headquarter of Zangskar .At last this trek heads  you to Darcha ( Himachal Paradesh)  via Bardan and Phuktal monasteries.

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