Monday, December 17, 2012

Slice of South India! Foodies Delight

Food is a way of life for the South Indian people and their cuisine has a distinctive and enviable platter of good food to offer. South India’s gastronomy differs from region to region because of the climate and geography. However, there are a few common dishes found throughout the region.
Kerala's meals 'Sadya'
South Indian gastronomy is mostly rice based and its dishes are hotter & spicier than north Indian dishes. As the region has plenty of farming area so people of the province always make best of use of them. During your South India Tour you can easily distinguish the reflection of fruits and vegetables in their mouth watering curries. Most of the recipes of South are enriched with curry leaves, coconut, green & red chilies, ginger and garlic which make the food luscious and healthy too.

South Indian Masala Dosa
South region is specially known for Dosa, Idli and Uthappam and no visit is completed without a bite such dishes. During trip to South India, you can taste the delicious Dosa in breakfast, which is made from rice, is enriched with protein. Idli and Dosa are served with sambar, rasam and coconut chutney, which are an important part of these dishes.

Coconut water is a common beverage of South which can be found in every recipe. Don't forget to take a sip of its traditional flavored coffee; it will surely make your holiday delightful.

Though the recipes of the entire zone are almost the same thereafter, some parts of the region pampers your taste less and some will more. Let's have a look:

Andhra Pradesh: The state never fails to taste the spiciest cuisine during your tour. Pickles and Chutneys are a common addition to most of the dishes.

Kerala: Kerala’s meals are served on banana leaves and it is referred to as ‘sadya’. Flavor of coconut and spices one can easily find in Kerala’s dishes.

Tamil Nadu: Experience the most aromatic and spiciest cuisine of Tamil Nadu, called Chettinad cuisine, which is a special dish of Chettinad region of the state.

Karnataka: Karnataka’s restaurants are very much popular for Bisi bele bath, jola roti, masala dosa, playa, idli and gojju and they always attract the foodies from every corner of the world.

Experience a spicy trip to South India and fulfill your tour itinerary with lots of mouth-watering cuisines of South.
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Trip Around India’s Biggest Metropolitan City Mumbai

Mumbai, the biggest metropolitan city of the country is the major hub of India's Bollywood and the home to many Bollywood stars. It might be hard to find out a single place where moviemaker's camera never been passed through. This busy planet always gets flooded with multiple numbers of tourists throughout the year and their traffic can easily be discovered in its major tourist attractions like Juhu Beach, Aurangabad, Nashik and many more where maximum numbers of bollywood movies has been shot out. The attachment to these places are not just for the traffic of moviemakers, it is the beauty and significance of these places that magnetizes travelers from apart in this landscape to explore its attractions to their best.

Major tourist’s destinations inside the city:


Godavari River, Nashik, Maharashtra
The city is seated on the bank of River Godavari and considered one of the holiest cities of the Hindus. After every 12 years, Nashik celebrates its Maha Kumbh Mela on the bank of this holy river, where one can easily catch the great religious meet of Hindu devotees. Previously, the city had celebrated this famous festival in the year 2003. If you are interested in to shop some silverware and ornaments, then head to Safar Bazaar, which is located in the heart of the city.

Juhu Beach:

View of Juhu Beach, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Fall in love with the breathtaking view of infinite Juhu Beach. On the shore of the beach, you can find several wonderful bungalows of Bollywood stars. There are several entrances to this beautiful beach like Andheri side, Vile Parle side and Santa Cruz side. The shore of the beach is loaded with various food stalls, where you can pamper your taste by eating Chaats, Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri or various spicy foods. The shore of the beach always enjoys donkey rides, cricket matches, acrobats, monkey’s dancing, etc.


Bibi Ka Maqbara, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
If you are visiting Aurangabad for the first time, then its attractions will surely fascinate your heart and soul. The city is popularly known for its surprising Ajanta Caves, Bibi-ka- Maqbara and Shirdi Sai Temple.

If you have never visited the Great Taj Mahal of Agra, then reaching Bibi-ka- Maqbara you can fulfill your wish. This monument is the complete replica of Taj Mahal, which was built in the memory of Begum Rabia Durani by his son.

From this beautiful monument the most surprising Aurangabad Caves is not so far. The rock cut caves has total number of 63 dark caves among them 34 are named as Ellora and 29 as Ajanta. The great sculptors work can easily be noticed going inside these caves and each cave tells a new story of past.

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Maharashtra
Shirdi Sai Temple one of the most devotional places of pilgrims and this is the one and only temple in India who never where any people can pay their homage to the deity regardless of religion and caste.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kerala: Mecca of Indian Ayurveda

Welcome to God's Own Country to give a striking impact on your body, mind and soul through its rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments. Its natural beauty, greenery surrounding and cool atmosphere make Kerala an ideal holiday destination for Ayurvedic spa treatments. Though tourist get attracted towards this Indian state to watch its serenity of pristine backwaters, verdant hills and beguiling seashores other than that they love to visit Kerala for Ayurvedic therapy. 

Its lush green forest is the home of many floras, which are very rare to find in any other city or state. These floras have certain medicinal values and from the ancient age people are using them to cure deadly diseases. Kerala is the one and only place in India where Ayurveda is best practiced in primitive style. Month from June to August is considered the best time to visit Kerala to get the special effect of Ayurveda because in this season when atmosphere becomes cool and dust free, which helps to open body pores at its maximum. In the present day popularity of Kerala Ayurvedic treatment has attained such a momentum that people from every nook and corner wish to experience this unique therapy. 

Ayurvedic treatments include Dhara, Ksheera Dhoomam, Pizhichil, Snehapanam and many more, which eliminates all toxic from your body and balance the body’s life energy, naturally. These treatments are done under the proper surveillance of a qualified doctor after finding out the root of your problem. This program takes several days to completely cure your body from germs.

There are numbers of popular destinations which are best known for its Ayurvedic treatment and those are Munnar, Cochin, Kovalam beach, Alleppey, Periyar and Thottapally. Some of the renowned treatments of Ayurveda are weight loss, de-stressing, joint pains and anti-ageing. 

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Catch the Greatest Religious Meet at “Maha Kumbh Mela”

Take a turn to Allahabad city if you are visiting India in the coming month, January 2013 to watch the meet of 30 to 70 millions of Hindu devotees on the bank of the holy Sangam. It is nothing else the great Maha Kumbh Mela. This is one of the most auspicious festivals of religious people, which is going to be organized in Allahabad after a long wait of 12 years.

The major event of the festival is ritual bathing, which takes place on the major bathing Ghats on the bank of river Ganga and Yamuna. During this gorgeous festival several activities are performed like religious discussions, mass feeding of people, devotional singing, etc. where you can also take part and listen to their religious speeches. Don't get afraid seeing undress and ash coated people in the festival as they do this according to the ancient tradition. To enjoy this unite bath many national and international tourist cavort in the river. The main ritual during this festival is Aarti, which is performed on the bank of the river lighten up diyas and afloat it on the water making a wish. Really, this Maha Aarti play is totally incredible.

If you seek internal peace you can book yoga ashrams in the town and join the Yoga and Ayurveda programs. During this festival you can Explore Kumbh Mela Attractions and also watch the wonderful stay of pilgrims at various ashrams and dharmashala. It will be an excellent opportunity for the people who want to know the Indian tradition at their best.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SC Lifted on the Band on Tourism in Core Areas of Tiger Reserves

Tour operators found a great relief after hearing the announcement of Supreme Court; the band on tourism in the restricted areas of tiger reserve is lifted on. 

In July, Supreme Court had banned 41 tiger reserves in the country as the rapid growing number of tourist towards the reserve forest was affecting the habitat of endangered animal tiger and many other species. The ban was imposed, after states found themselves unable to protect the habitat of the tigers. 

But after several hot discussions among the various state governments court accepts their request and lifts on the ban on October 16. They argued that it was directly hurting the economic growth of many states and the month of October is the season from when tourist move towards the forest to experience the wildlife closely.
Under pressure from various state governments, the Centre had moved towards the top court for lifting the ban partially.
Now, the adventure enthusiasts as well as tourists can easily get access inside all the desired tiger reserves. Chose one of your interested reserve forest for tiger safari by getting cheapest wildlife tour package from the Indian travel agents.

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“Erco Travels”, India’s leading travel agency has just announced special offer on Golden Triangle with Pushkar fair. This offer is only for those people who want to mingle their Golden triangle tour with Pushkar fair. Travel enthusiasts can also avail this combine tour package at cost effective price if they wish to book this wonderful trip in advance. This exclusive offer is not only for an individual couples, family, student and corporate group can also take the benefit of this tour. 

We understand your needs and expectations during your tour. This travel package includes sightseeing of all major attractions of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar; finest accommodation and a tour guide. You can make your tour duration shorter and longer according to your fondness. It will be the most convenient way to get close to the unseen parts of the northern region. When there is such a huge event taking place it makes more sense than ever. As the crowd become increases at the time of Pushkar fair, therefore, it is advisable to book the tour earlier. If you don’t want to unite the tour, you can also enjoy the tour separately. 

Managing Director, Mr. Ravi Gusai also said that, to book this combine tour interested people must have to contact Erco Travels Pvt. Ltd. where experienced executive will solve your queries regarding the tour and help to book the tour. To start the journey first of all you have to arrive in Delhi, from there, Erco Travels (Travel Company) representative will assist you and will help you to experience an easy and comfortable trip. 

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Swiss Camp: The Better Option to Enjoy Pushkar Fair in its Fullest Length

Pushkar Fair, the most gorgeous festival of Rajasthan is held in the town Pushkar every year and lasts for five days. This festival is recognized as the world’s largest camel fair and therefore tourist arrive at this place to participate and to enjoy the fair at its best. During this fair you can enjoy dance and music show, experience some thrilling activity, bridle competition and many more. As the festival is organized in the desert city therefore you will experience the scarcity of drinking water and accommodation problem in the place. In such case Swiss Camp plays a crucial role and provides warm hospitality to you amidst the desert landscape.

Swiss Camp is a tented house that is constructed to make available all the necessary and luxurious equipments during your Pushkar Fair Tour. These deluxe tented camps are built at a distance of 2 km from the fair ground and constructed with attached bathroom, western toilets, running water and 24x7 electricity and all modern amenities. Here, you can taste delicious Rajasthani cuisine and can spend the evening among the cultural activities.

Spending the days in the tented Swiss Camps during Pushkar Camel Fair will not be a great experience for you? To experience this unique treatment you have to book camps in advance from one of the leading travel agency in India, Erco Travels Pvt. Ltd. who will assist you and guide you to get the best Swiss camp cost effectively.

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An Unforgettable Voyage of Kashmir Houseboat

Whenever the word “Kashmir houseboat Tour” spins in your mind what do you do, bury your imagination or put in wings to realize your dreams into reality? No one can explain the splendor of the landscape in a few words until and unless the site is not visited personally at least once. The physical existence in this divine place only can realize you why the land is called the “Switzerland of Asia”. The land has myriad number of attractions which are the dream places of most of the tourist to spend their holiday and amongst all of them Kashmir houseboat tour gets higher hit.

The wonderfully decorated houseboats of the capital city Srinagar connects the entire sections of Dal and Nagin Lakes, and Jhulem River which offers you an unique and luxurious treatment. Wishing to spend some time in the shopping market during the water tour, you can ride through the small boat named by ‘Shikaras’ that are attached to these boats. They always are in your service and take you to floating shopping market.  These floating house boats can experience you a world class accommodation where you can taste the delicious cuisines of Kashmiri, Western as well as Indian.

This unique and exciting tour you can only enjoy in the summer season from June to November and in winter December to February. Both adults and kids can enjoy this fine tour but for that both of you will be charged. To book a houseboat you can go to Dal or Nagin Lake and meet the owner of the boat. After booking you will check-in at the houseboat at 12.00 PM where you can stay whole the night and will leave the place at 10.00 AM in the morning.

A splendid holiday on the houseboats in Kashmir will surely be one of the most memorable vacations of your entire life.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Must Visit Destinations in India

If there is a single planet which can satisfy your needs and demands regarding your tourism and can experience all types of tourism inside it then it can never be any name except India. It is the standalone planet in this world where tourist can turn their dream world into reality and as could be a kind of unique opportunity for one’s life to explore the beauty of various virgin locations of the planet.

Click On the Image for Larger View

The essence of the land has the fullest power to fascinate any heart and can keep them as a guest for a longer period of time by its attractions. The buried history of the past and cultural importance has been favorite tourist attraction since years ago. All age group of people, from the kids to the old one can fulfill their hidden dreams with pleasure by visiting India the one of the world’s wonder, great historical monuments, hill stations, religious places, natural beauty, wildlife, exotic beaches and even sports and adventurous activities in this versatile land.

  • Must Visit Destinations in North India -

1. Jammu & KashmirThe “Paradise on the Earth”, Jammu & Kashmir is the most favored tourist destinations in Northern India. The snowy peaks, icy rivers and exotic valleys of this beautiful landscape promises to offer an enthralling holiday to its visitors all the time. This superlative snowy land is sleeping in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains where natural as well as the adventure fans can get grandiose opportunity to accomplish their secret dreams in an exciting way.

2. Himachal PradeshThe glorious view of hill stations of the state Himachal Pradesh, never allow you to move your eyesight from the land where the exotic cultures, adventurous activities and breathtaking picturesque mutually greet you and welcome you to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Popular tourist destinations – Shimla, Manali, and Dharmashala. 

3. Uttarakhand: “The land of the god”, Uttarakhand, is home of the many Hindu pilgrims due to the existence of several ancient Hindu temples and it will not be wrong to say one of the popular hill stations landscape of India. Popular tourist destinations – Mussoorie, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Ranikhet, Haridwar, etc. 

4. Punjab: The Sikh’s state Punjab is renowned for its most famous Golden Temple of Amritsar. It not only considered as the pilgrimage site of Sikh’s but also for the other religions as well. 

5. Rajasthan: The renowned land of ancient kings which never let us forget the ancient story of each and every corner of the state which we can experience by visiting the historical palaces, forts and museum of the region offered by Rajasthan Tourism. Popular tourist destinations Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Udaipur, Jaipur, etc.

6. Delhi: The Capital city of India shows a glance of ancient and modern architectures. Worth watching destinations are Qutub Minar, Birla Temple, Red Forts and malls.

7. Uttar Pradesh: Once this state was ruled by different dynasties of different eras and now has become the most populated states in India. The state is holding the world famous beauty in the name of Taj Mahal in the heart of the region. Popular tourist destinations – Allahabad Fort, Agra Fort and Varanasi.

8. Bihar: Popularly known as the birth place of Lord Buddha. Bodh Gaya is the most favored Buddhist pilgrim places of the state.

  • Must Visit Destinations in South India-

1. Tamil Nadu: The seventh most populous state in India, Tamil Nadu is specially known for its religious temples, wild life sanctuaries and exotic beaches. Popular tourist destinations – Ooty, Arjuna's Penance in Mahabalipuram, Coimbatore, Marina beach, etc.

2. Kerala: Kerala, the “God’s Own Country” has no explanation. The natural beauty, breath taking view of Kerala Backwaters, Ayurvedic treatment and stunning beaches attracts the honeymoon as well as the holiday lovers to this divine land. Popular tourist destinations – Munar, Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

3. Karnataka: The South Indian state Karnataka is a perfect blend of pilgrimage, archaeological and historical sites. This state is known for its unmatched traditions and modern culture, absolute beauty and excellence. Popular tourist destinations – Chikmagalur, Badami, Bangalore, Mysore, Hampi, etc.

4. Andhra Pradesh: Specially known for the great religious Hindu temple Tirupati and is the greatest hub of IT sector. Apart from that the rich history, exotic monuments and beautiful lakes of the state always give a warm welcome to the tourist. Popular tourist destinations - Ramakrishna, Rishikonda, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Amaravati Buddha Stupa, etc.

  • Must Visit Destinations in East India-

1. Jharkhand: The state is partly recognized as pilgrimage destination but here one can enjoy heritage tourism as well.

2. West Bengal: The East Indian state West Bengal has a great cultural as well as traditional importance. And is the home of many social reformers.

3. Orissa: The temples city, Orissa is famous for its ideal Jagannath Temple and also occupies some wonderful beaches. Tribals tour of Orissa can help to explore the popular tourist destinations like- Bhubaneswar, Puri, Bhitarkanika National Park, etc.

  • Must Visit Destinations in West India-

1. Goa: The Small city of West is renowned for its exotic beaches and one can say the lover’s paradise land. Adventurous activity is the main attraction of its beaches.

2. Maharashtra: The metropolitan city of India dotted with exotic beaches, peaceful temples, most surprised rock-cut caves and man-made architectural structures. Popular tourist destinations – Ellora & Ajanta Caves, Appu Ghar, Shirdi Sai Temple, etc.

3. Gujarat: The state is renowned for its holy temples, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries architectural assets and hill resorts. Popular tourist destinations – Ahmadabad, Dwarka, Gandhi Nagar, Bhavnagar, etc.

  • Must Visit Destinations in Central India-

1. Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh tourism gives an opportunity to explore historical monuments, forts and palaces, and delicately carved temples.  Popular tourist destinations – Gwalior, Orchha, Mandu, etc.

2. Chhattisgarh: This central state of India is a natural lover and adventure enthusiast’s paradise. The striking museums and wildlife sanctuaries give a wonderful gift to the tourist. Popular tourist destinations – Dantewada, Bilaspur, Raipur, Bastar, etc.

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Indian Domestic Tourism Has Taken a Dramatic Double Digit Growth

Domestic tourisms are the key resources that helps the travel and tourism to fight with the difficult economic condition and that it has already proved in the year 2008-2009. Today, when the economic crisis has touches its peak point, the Ministry of Tourism has seen a new hope in the domestic Tourism Segment.

According to the fresh data compilation report by the Market Research Division of Ministry of Tourism, the figure of domestic tourist move inside the States as well as in UTs during the year 2011 has touched 851 million as compared to the previous yours report 748 million in 2010. It means the domestic tourist visitors have increased 13.8% as compared to the year 2010. The data analysis of top 10 states in India shows that the numbers of domestic tourist visits during the year 2011 were (in millions)

Uttar Pradesh – 155.4
Andhra Pradesh – 153.1
Tamil Nadu – 137.5
Karnataka – 84.1
Maharashtra – 55.3
Madhya Pradesh – 44.1
Rajasthan – 27.1
Uttarakhand – 25.9
West Bengal – 22.3
Gujarat – 21.0

Furthermore, the contribution of all these top 10 States was about 85.3% to the total number of domestic tourist visits in 2011.

It has been proved that whenever, Indian economic condition runs by a pathetic condition the domestic visits always play give its best performance to balance the situation.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recall your Memories with Luxury India Train Tours

If you think that experiencing a luxury tour inside India is a very challenging task and are planning to experience the same out of the country then the majestic luxury trains in India will be enough to twist your attention into the country. Considering your total comfort zone during your India tour, the Indian government has launched 6 different luxurious trains are listed below:

All these luxury trains are exclusively designed for you only who leave you with your dream vacation in a 5 star hotel’s atmosphere.

These trains are equipped with high quality services, attached bathroom with each cabin, Ayurvedic & Gym centre, restaurant, bar and many more which you might not have imagined ever, before your North India and South India tour with the luxury trains in India. All trains are painted with unique colors and each coach is named with the different dynasty of that particular region.

These luxury trains will drive you to all the striking sites of North India and South India, treating you as the emperor of the train. Grab this splendid tour if you really want to lose in the world of luxury train tour.

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Important Things to know before Travel to India

The word planned trip sounds very good and one should always plan their tour in advance so as to avoid any inconvenience during their tour. There are so many important measures that one should obey before travelling to India. Followings are some important information that will help you to spend a comfortable and hassle free journey:

1. Visa and Passport: Foreign visitors must possess a valid VISA before fly for India and it should be acquire from high commission or Indian Embassy.

2. Keep your Plan Flexible: As the Indian Nation is dotted with so many exciting destinations therefore, your plan may not probably go according to you. You should always travel keeping some extra time with you so that in case of any unexpected delays due to any reason your holiday do not affect.

3. Dress Sensibly: To avoid any unwanted attention, it is advisable to cover your body sufficiently by your dresses as you look different from the locals therefore you will be easily catch by their eyes. It is best to buy some clothes just after your arrival from the local market as Indian clothes will keep you cool and modest.

4. You will be easily Identified as a Foreigner: Because of the language barrier, looks and cultural awareness you will be easily catch their attention. The local vendors may charge more from you than its actual price when you go for shopping in the local market; wisely bargain with them and pay such amount as they deserve.

5. Take Precaution in Drinking Water: Avoid open water which you may find on your way; to keep your body germ free buy seal packed bottle. It’s better to avoid street food but if you want to be particularly adventurous you can try some food from the busy street which are cooked hot and hasn’t been sitting out. You can even buy some vegetables and fruits that you can wash and peel.

6. Traffic is Harsh: Traffic may irritate you at any cost as you may find a huge traffic on your way and it may happen from any small to big events. Therefore, carefully cross the road and always look ahead of you.

7. At Train Stations: Keep checking the enquiry window in the Railway stations or its announcement as the departure time and platform number are subject to change all the time or even sometimes at the very last minute.

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Rajasthan-Adventure in the Heart of the Desert City

From the early age, Rajasthan is holding the top most position on the heart of thousands of tourists by its cultural heritage as well as its many adventurous activities. Therefore, tour lovers as well as the thrill lovers always keep planning to visit the state at least once so as to spend a spectacular adventurous holiday in the heart on the desert city. If you are one of them and are planning to visit the most adventurous parts of the state cost effectively, get the best tour package from one of the India’s leading travel agency “Erco Travels” who since last decades is able to gather thousands of satisfied customers by its world class services and facilities. It can also help you in choosing an excellent tour destination as well as India tour package inside as well as outside of the country.

Friday, August 17, 2012

India's Prime Buddhist Places of Worship

Among a varied range of religion, Buddhism also holds a special position in the heart and mind of the religious people. If you are planning to take a tour of Buddhist pilgrimages sites or Buddhist places of worship and want to lean with the soul of god then India is the ideal place where you can fulfill your expectations. The country is dotted with enormous number of Buddhist temples which delivers the precious teaching and spiritualism of Lord Buddha.

A few incredible Buddhist temples you can explore during your spiritual tour to India that are Bodh Gaya, Kaushambi, Lumbini, Nalanda, Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash. These sacred temples allow you to experience the spirituality and peace which you can never found in any other places. Devotees from all over world come to these spiritual places to explore the true spirit of Buddhism.

Visiting these religious places in a group enhances your enjoyment and helps you to explore these famous places wisely. These holy places not only boost your true knowledge about the Buddhism but also its fabulous sculptures remembers you the history of the place.

Indian pilgrimage trip offers an opportunity to explore Buddha's land tour and various forms of belief that vibrates through rites, devotion, sacrifice, rituals and superstition.

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