Thursday, June 12, 2014

Top 10 Places Of North East India

North East part of India is named as “The Land of Seven Sisters” because blessed with seven beautiful states. The charm of Himalayas increases the splendor of this land. Verdant forests, natural caves, peaceful valleys, aromatic environment, beautiful waterfalls, sacred Buddhist Monasteries, Rich wildlife and distinct culture are the jewel of North East India. The remoteness, peace and ultimate beauty fascinate to visitors towards itself. Here you can explore with the top 10 amazing places of North East region of India:

 Tawang- Sacred Land Of Arunachal Pradesh

A Beautiful View Of Tawang
Tawang is a virginal place with secluded mountain passes, untouched rainforests and lots of greenery. It is   located in the “Land of Dawn –Lit Mountains”(Arunachal Pradesh). Tawang is an ancient and historical place which is blessed with natural beauty. Tawang Monastery is the ancient seat of Mahayana Buddhism. It is world famous and second largest Monastery of Asia.Urgyelling Monastery is also a sacred place because it is the birth place of Thangyang Gyatso.Tawang and Sangetsar lake are the major attraction of this region.

Guwahati-Dazzling Place Of Assam

Guwahati Planetarium In Guwahati

Guwahati, also renowned as the "City of Eastern Light" is the largest city of Assam.
It is situated on the banks of River Brahmaputra, Guwahati is a pyrotechnic city that is truly a mirror of the natural beauty and diversity in a single state.Guwahati is a very colorful place with a unique culture and welcoming people. Bhubaneswari Temple,Kamakhya temple and Guwahati Planetarium are  the major tourist attractions of Guwahati.

Majuli-Island In Assam

Lake In Majuli

Majuli is the large River Island in Assam. It is very beautiful Island glisters with the amazing beauty of nature. It is the Eden for birds and perfect place for bird watching.You can explore the high level of natural beauty there with lots of peace.

Shilong-Capital of Meghalaya

Elephants Falls in Shilong
Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya.Meghalaya is famous as the Scotland of the East. Cool climate of Shillong amazes visitors .Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Wards lake and various artificial lakes increase the beauty of Shillong.

 Dimapur –Ravishing   Gateway of Nagaland

Kachari Palace Ruins In Dimapur
Dimapur  is a beautiful city rich with lush green forest and wonderful picturesque lands. It is also known as the gateway of Nagaland. Dimapur also renowned as the city of the  great river. Triple water Fall is a miraculous waterfall and it is also the major tourist attraction of Dimapur.Kachari ruins, Diezephe craft village,Rangapahar reserve also the most visitable places. Salubrious environment of Dimapur rejuvenates you and give you a new energy.

Gangtok-Beautiful Capital City Of Sikkim

Enchey Gompa Monestary In Gangtok

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. Gangtok is an amazing hill station. It is sandwiched land with the placid lakes and lofty mountains. The remarkable natural beauty of Gangtok The rich flora and fauna of Gangtok expand the beauty.Enchey Gompa, Palace of the Chogyal and Namgyal Research Institute of Tibetology are the popular attraction of Gangtok.

 Bomdila –Paradise of Photographer in Arunachal Pradesh

Monastery In Bomdila

Bomdila is a beautiful town of the state Arunachal Pradesh, situated at the 800 ft. above the sea level.Bomdila is a paradise for photographers,snow clad mountain range of the Himalayan, goluptious green landscapes and rich culture make it special.It is the leading tourist attraction in Arunachal Pradesh. Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary , Sessa Orchid Sanctuary,Dirang Valley, Craft Centre And Ethnographic Museum, Bomdila View Point and Bomdila Monastery are the dazzling tourist attractions.

Ziro Valley-Beautiful Like An Eden

View Of Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is the headquaters of Lower Subansiri District.This region is also listed in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites due to its panoramic natural beauty. Meghna Cave Temple, Kile Pakho, Dolo Mando, Dilopolyang Maniipolyang,Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Midey, Pine Groove, Tipi Orchid Research Centre and Ziro Puto are the amazing places of Ziro Valley.

Mao- Jewel Of Manipur

Traditional Dance Of Manipur In Mao

Mao is the wonderful oldest hill station of Manipur. Mao is blessed magical culture and incredible natural beauty. Mao is the home of ancient culture and art. Naga dance is the specialty of Mao.The  Dzuko Valley in Mao dazzle with the blooms of variety of rare lily between May and July known as Dzuko Lily.

Agartala-Land of Temples and Palaces

Ujjayanta Palace In Agartala

Agartala is famous for its spectacular natural beauty. Agartala is also known as the ‘city of Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur” because it is managed by the Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur.It is well organized ,modern and managed city.Agartala is full with splendorous palaces and sacred temples.Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Ujjayanta Palace ,Neermahal, Rabindra Kanan and Jagannath Temple  are the most ravishing places of Agartala.


  1. These are all wonderful places to visit. Nice to know about the places!

  2. I am from the North-east and loved to see the photographs..thanks for sharing my beautiful place..