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Top 10 Ravishing and Panoramic Beaches of India

If you are planning for wonderful holidays with full of joy and highly willing to sparks out yourself, then the energetic trip beaches of India are perfect.

India is blessed with endless coastline regions, palm fringed dazzling beaches, blue lagoons, placid backwaters, lava rocked seas, marine species and energetic shores. Beaches of India give you wonderful experience of ravishing beauty of coastal area of India. Beaches of India not has only miraculous seas, lagoons and backwater instead of this it has own luxury spas, delicious seafood, water sports and great sea resorts. Beaches of India gives you fun with deep relaxation.

Dawn At Elephant Beach

1. Elephant beach, Havelock Islands, Andaman             

The Union Territory –Andaman & Nicobar is the most fascinating tourist place of India. Andman & Nicobar is a beautiful natural island with most entrancing beaches. Elephant beach in Havelock Islands is the most entrancing beach .It is a natural green paradise replete with coral reefs, white sand beaches, palm trees and aquatic life. Enticing natural beauty of  Elephant beach  snatch a bulk of visitors very frequently.

The chronic Elephant beach is the home of sea sports like kayak, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and water skiing. Here you feel great different from the other beaches.

Panoramic View Of RishiKonda Beach

2. Rishikonda Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Rishikonda Beach of Andhra Pradesh is one of the most wonderful and ravishing beaches of India. Ultimate scenic beauty of this pristine beach always attracts to the tourist. The golden sand, sun warmed sea and sparkling beauty of this beach make it special.

Rishikonda Beach offer various attractions for tourist.In the ravishing beachy area many local people offer wonderful facial massage and local mouth watering seafood. This beach is most perfect for those who want to enjoy with water or sea sports.

Amazing Agonda Beach

3. Agonda Beach,Goa

Goa- the city of  fun and great heart. Goa  is  the most ravishing  and energetic city of India.South of Goa delighted by the Agonda beach. The Agonda beach is a tranquil, ravishing and isolated place. It is the best beach for relax. This wonderful beach spread around 3 kilometers and decorated by the golden sand.
Agonda beach is also famous for wonderful beach sides’ huts. These huts are best for accommodation.

Sunset At Juhu Beach

4. Juhu Beach,Mumbai

Ville Parle of Mumbai dazzled by the famous Juhu Beach.Juhu beach also known as the “Juhu Chowpatty”. This beach is very famous for spectacular view of sunset. Most of the Bollywood celebrities stay near the Juhu Beach due to its mesmerizing beauty. In the evening you can enjoy here with several mouth watering special Indian spicy dishes like Pav bhaji, Pani puri, Bhel puri,baraf gola and other Mumbai local special.With great snacks and cuisines there is  lots of things for entertainment  like dancing monkey, horse riding and many vendors.

Beauty Of Lighthouse Beach

5. Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam Kerala

Lighthouse Beach is the most popular beach among the tourist.Glitering beauty of this beach amazes to the tourist. It is very long golden sandy beach. Kovalam beach is divided into three sub beaches like the Light house beach Kovalam, Eves Beach or Hawah  Beach  and  the Samudra Beach. The lighthouse beach of Kovalam is one of the largest and most famous beaches. Kurumkal hill and palm tress increase the beauty of this beach. Cool breezes, sandy beaches and rhythmic waves snatch your heart.
The lighthouse beach is not limited to the natural beauty as well as there is lots of thing for adventure and fun. Water sports, swimming, para gliding and para cycling very popular among the tourist.

People Enjoying At New Digha Beach

6. New Digha Beach, West Bengal

The south part of West Bengal furnished with the ravishing beach on the eastern coast of India-Digha. Digha beach is highly blessed with charming and scenic beauty. The delightful beauty of sunset and sunrises always attracts to visitors and painters.Digha beach is full with cauarina plants along the coast. It is perfect place of safe swimming.

 Blue Beauty Of Murudeshwar Beach 

7. Murudeshwar beach, Karnataka

Murudeshwar beach is a renowned and an ancient beach. It is located around the 165 km from the Manglore. This beach is located in the temple town Murudeshwar.Ravishing beach area is surrounded by hills to east and sea to the west. This sandy region is fulfilled with the areca groves and coconut trees.

Murudeshwar temple is the major attraction of this beach. Murudeshwar temple is located on the top of Kanduka Giri (hill). Murudeshwar beach is a pristine beach and several pilgrims come to visit this beach to see Murudeshwar Temple.
Rising Of Sun At Marina Beach

8. Marina Beach,Chennai

The Marina beach is the second largest beach in the world. It is located on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. The Marina beach packed with meteoric golden sand, blue tranquil sky and splendor shore.

Palm Fringed Beach Of Ezimala 

 9.Ezhimala Beach, Kerala
Kerala comes under the top tourist attraction.Kerala beaches are very famous for fun. Ezhimala beach is one of the most wonderful beaches of Kerala. Ezhimala beach is full with natural beauty and golden beaches. It is surrounded by the seven mountains, due to seven mountains it is known as the Ezhimala.This beach is famous for the stone pillars. Three sides of this beach enclosed with these stone pillars.Ayurvedic centres of this beach are the major attractions.

Tranquil Kamatang Beach

 10. Karmatang Beach, Port Blair

Kamatang beach is situated 240 km away from the Port Blair.Kamatang beach is very famous for the turtle population and marine life. Wonderful mangrove also increase the beauty of this beach, Karmatang beach is very popular for water sports and activities like boating, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more. This beach is also offering privacy for the tourist.

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